What did Kanye West Tell Elon Musk? Viral Text Message Explained

What did Kanye West Tell Elon Musk? Viral Text Message Explained

Kanye West is once again the talk of the town after his text message to Elon Musk went viral. In the “text-rant,” the controversial artist clears he does not have bipolar disorder as previously claimed. Instead, he tells the X (formerly Twitter) founder that he has “signs of autism” caused by his car crash in 2002.

Kanye West Tells Elon Musk He’s Not Bipolar

Kanye West asked his friend, Ian Connor, to share the screenshots of his text on Instagram, though the reason for it is unknown. It was only captioned “2:25 a.m.”

In the text, Kim Kardashian’s former husband asked Musk when they would speak, though he stressed he “owed” him nothing. He later cleared that the Tesla co-founder never had to talk to him again, but if they did, the nature of their relationship had to change.

“I’m not bipolar I have signs of autism from my car accident,” Kanye added.

The rapper and singer-songwriter referenced his infamous 2002 car accident that led to the making of his 2003 hit song, Through the Wire. He wrote and recorded the song at the time while his jaw was still wired shut due to the car crash.

Kanye continued that Elon couldn’t just watch Kim keep his kids from him, not say anything publicly, and call himself his friend to bring an audience to his “struggling platform.”

Elon has yet to respond to Kanye’s text as of this writing.

Kanye West Viral Text Message Explained

Kanye West probably asked Connor to post his text on Instagram after deactivating his own page in April 2023. Sure, Elon has already deactivated his X account after an almost eight-month ban due to his offensive tweets, but he has yet to post anything since. Is it because Elon now owns the platform?

No one knows, but it should be noted that Ye, Kanye’s new legal name, mocked Elon after he banned him from using X after posting an image of the Star of David with a swastika inside. So, from a once-close friendship, their bond took a 360-degree turn, with the 46-year-old calling the business mogul a genetic hybrid and half-Chinese.

Though nothing has been heard between the two since then, it looks like the deactivation of Kanye’s X page has affected their friendship. Based on his tweets, the two haven’t talked to each other yet, and he may want Elon to intervene with Kim’s move of allegedly keeping their four children from him. On the contrary, he was recently seen with his son, Saint, at a soccer game in Italy about two weeks ago.

Considering Kanye West and Kim’s relationship is personal, Elon has nothing to do with it. When it comes to his kids, the former couple shares joint custody, so there may be no way that the reality star can keep their children from him—as proved by their recent outings.

Kanye’s text also hints at mockery when he calls Elon’s X a “struggling platform.” However, this may be true after the new owner revealed in July that the company lost almost half of its advertising revenue since he bought it in October 2022.

Regarding his mental health, Kanye has made several claims about his condition.

  • In 2018, he first revealed that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, though he later claimed that he was misdiagnosed in a tweet in 2022.
  • In an interview with the gossip site X17, he also said he might be slightly autistic.

“Like Rain Man, and that’s part of my superpower! […] That’s the reason why I can produce tracks and design and do so many things, but what I can’t do — there’s two things that I can’t do: I can’t accept hate, and I can’t hate,” he said.

Whatever the case is, it looks like Kanye needs some help or, at least, someone who really cares about him to talk to.

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