What Did Rebecca Loos Say About David Beckham? Alleged Affair Explained

What Did Rebecca Loos Say About David Beckham? Alleged Affair Explained

Rebecca Loos is a hot topic again after the release of David Beckham’s Netflix docuseries, Beckham. The alleged affair between the two has resurfaced after Victoria Beckham and her husband talked about it in the now controversial show, but it looks like the former glamour model isn’t convinced of what has been said. Hence, Loos finally broke her silence and revealed her version of the story. So, what does she have to say?

Rebecca Loos Breaks Silence on Alleged David Beckham Affair

Rebecca Loos used to be David’s personal assistant back in the early 2000s when he joined Real Madrid in July 2003. However, he was fired a few months later and had an interview with News of the World in April 2004, revealing she and the former footballer had had an affair for four months.

Though David refused the claims then and were never confirmed, it was addressed in the recently released Netflix docuseries. He called these stories about them “horrible” and “difficult to deal with.” He also claimed that it was the first time he and Victoria were put under that kind of pressure in their marriage.

But the 48-year-old stressed they were fighters, fighting for themselves and their family. “What we had was worth fighting for,” he said. “But ultimately, it’s our private life.”

From there, Loos can’t help herself but respond. “He needs to take responsibility,” she told Daily Mail Online.

The media personality understands David has an image to take care of, but she said he’s making her look like a liar while trying to be seen as a victim, like she has made up these stories about their alleged affair. She continued that the Inter Miami president and co-owner makes it seem she’s the reason behind Victor’s suffering.

“He’s the one that’s caused the suffering,” she said.

Loos continued that David’s statement bothered her; he could say it was a tough time and didn’t want to talk about it. But instead, for her, he made him look like she was the one at fault and didn’t want to take responsibility because of his family and children.

Rebecca Loos and David Beckham’s Alleged Affair Explained

The alleged affair of Rebecca Loos and David Beckham had catapulted the former to incredible fame in 2004. The moment she sold her story to the media, she and the then-famous NFL player became a hot topic and the talk of the town. Of course, it’s easy to see why.

The revelation was dubbed “one of the last great kiss and tell stories” by the PR expert Mark Borkowski (via Sky News). Everybody knows how famous David was back then and how his marriage with Victoria was the real deal. Hence, the Loos story was a shock to many, ruining the good image David had built for himself, his romance, and his family.

Though no one really knows if the alleged affair is true except the parties involved, talking about it again about 20 years after it broke out just reopened the wounds and renewed the talks about it, making it more complicated. As the couple’s claims seem to put Loos’ name at risk, of course, she will not just stay mum about it.

Loos now lives in Norway and is happily married with two kids. And just like the Beckhams, she may have broken her silence for her family. She said she had spoken out after being called names and branded a liar, adding she shouldn’t be ashamed of her version of the story as it was “the truth.”

Suppose only David and Victoria didn’t talk about it again in Beckham. In that case, she might have just stayed silent and lived her life in Norway as a yoga and meditation teacher and a part-time medical assistant as usual, and not being put in the news headlines once again.

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