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The recent GTA 6 leak has got to be the biggest hacking situation in gaming history so far. With the advent of technology, it’s becoming easier for hackers and data miners to put out classified information about upcoming releases. But given that Rockstar Games have been dedicated to working on GTA 6 in the past years, their reaction to what happened is justified. In a statement posted on their social media accounts after everything that went down, the company didn’t hold back from expressing how upset they are. The statement goes on to say that Rockstar is ‘extremely disappointed’ with everything that’s happened.

They also went on to explain how this leak happened. Because of a “network intrusion,” classified files on the upcoming game were stolen through their Slack workspace. Some netizens call this the greatest heist to ever happen in the history of video games after the hacker got over 90 clips. These clips were then uploaded to a GTA forum where it was shared on other social media sites. Since then, Rockstar has been hard at work in taking down videos of the leaks and hitting them with copyright strikes.

Rockstar is upset with the way details about GTA 6 were revealed illegally to the public

It’s rare that we see Rockstar get this upset over something concerning their games. Because of the way they always present their GTA games, there’s always a bit of comedy in there. This time, it doesn’t seem like Rockstar is taking this issue lightly.

  • An unauthorized third party stole confidential information about GTA 6
  • Some of the information stolen was early footage of GTA 6 while it’s still in development
  • Unlike other gaming leaks, Rockstar won’t let this get in the way of development
  • The timetable of GTA 6 and other projects from Rockstar will not be adjusted because of the leak
  • The hacker even threatened to release the source codes for GTA 5 and 6 unless Rockstar negotiated with them

The statement also shares the devs’ feelings on the whole situation. According to Rockstar, they are “extremely disappointed” with the way details about GTA 6 were shared with the public. We can only imagine how they must’ve felt waking up one day to video clips of their project going viral on Twitter and other forums like Reddit.

  • Although they are obviously upset with having their workspace invaded by hackers, the company highlights the main reason why they are upset
  • This was not how they intended to reveal GTA 6 to the public in the first place
  • With what the hacker did, it just took away some of the excitement they’ve been trying to build up for its release.
What did the alleged GTA 6 Hacker Leak that upset Rockstar - GTA 5 1
Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games

Rockstar then promised to share more details about GTA 6 once they think it’s ready. From what we’ve seen in the leaked video clips, it does look like the game is still in early development. The clips also confirm some of the rumors going around about GTA 6’s setting and protagonists.

GTA 6 looks like it will feature a ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ duo as the protagonists

Previously, there was already word about the possible protagonists in GTA 6. Although we didn’t have actual images of the two protagonists, leakers say that they are similar to Bonnie and Clyde.

Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games
  • This marks the first time we’ll ever get to play a female lead in the history of the Grand Theft Auto franchise
  • In the leaked video clips, it looks like the game is set in a modern Vice City
  • Other clips show the two protagonists driving around Vice City, going to a nightclub, and even robbing a diner
  • Though it may be changed while Rockstar still works on GTA 6, the female protagonist is named “Lucia”

The UK Police have arrested the individual responsible for the GTA 6 leak

Last September 23, journalist Matthew Keys posted updates about the UK Police having arrested a 17-year-old hacker. According to Keys, the teenager arrested is suspected of being the one responsible for the massive GTA 6 leak. In a series of tweets, Keys provides details about the arrest made by the City of London Police.

It was also confirmed in the same thread that the teenager belongs to a group who call themselves “Lapsus$.” This was made possible because of an investigation being conducted by the FBI in collaboration with the Cyber Crime Unit in the United Kingdom.

Other than the breach in Rockstar Games’ system, the FBI is also looking into the cyberattacks and hacks concerning Uber. Other companies targeted by this particular group of hackers are the following:

  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • Samsung
  • Okta

As of writing, there are no updates on what went down when the hacker appeared at the Highbury Corner Youth Court last September 24, 2022.

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What are your thoughts on this issue about the GTA 6 leak? Do you think it killed the hype that Rockstar’s been building up in the past few years? We would love to hear from you in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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