What happened to Miranda Soto? TikToker’s car accident tragedy explored as Instagram Live goes viral

Miranda Soto TikTok Car accident Instagram live

TikTok celebrity, Miranda Soto’s car accident tragedy goes viral following her Instagram live from the hospital. Here’s everything we know about the accident.

Miranda Soto’s fans are concerned for the TikTok celebrity following a dangerous car accident involving her and her boyfriend. The news reports mention the accident however the severity of it is still unknown.

In the recent viral Instagram live of Miranda Soto from the hospital, she thanks fans for their well-wishes. She also asks them to pray for her boyfriend Cristian Ramirez. Which made fans speculate with worry about the severity of injuries.

Miranda Soto car accident tragedy

Miranda Soto suffered from a tragic car accident along with her boyfriend, Cristian Ramirez. Not much is known about the accident and how it occurred but people know they both are recovering in a hospital.

The news regarding the accident went viral after Miranda Soto did an Instagram live from the hospital. She touched upon the matter by thanking her fans and relaying that she is alright.

Talking about her injury the TikTok star seemed to be in tears from the shock. She shared that her arms and back hurt and she has received a couple of stitches.

However, more importantly, she expressed her relief of not having broken anything as the accident was “pretty bad,”

Rumors of Miranda Soto’s death

Following the accident rumors of Miranda Soto’s death surfaced online. Many netizens also alleged the involvement of alcohol as the reason behind the car accident.

However, the police officials haven’t confirmed anything and all we know is that Soto and her boyfriend are receiving the necessary treatment in the hospital.

Moreover, Soto explained that she will disclose the details about the accident herself when the time is right. Considering the shock the accident must have been it is an understandable stand from her.

The TikToker famous for her lip-sync and dance videos also posted a picture of her with her boyfriend from the hospital. In the caption, she expressed her gratefulness for having him as a part of her life and prayed for his recovery.

Miranda Soto TikTok celebrity car accident Instagram Live
Image courtesy of Miranda Soto via Instagram

More about Miranda Soto

Miranda Soto is a 19-year-old TikTok celebrity. She is born in 2004 in Mexico and started posting on TikTok in 2019.

Currently, her TikTok profile boasts more than 2.7 Million followers gaining her Influencer status.

Her popular content involves make-up tutorials and vlogs with her sister’s daughter. Following the growth of her stardom on the platform she also released her cosmetics line.

Which is called Miranduh Cosmetics and is popular amongst her fans for the variety in the product range.

The lack of information regarding Miranda Soto’s car accident gave space for baseless rumors. Currently, the only facts available about the TikTok star are from what she has released in the media.

Therefore, It is advisable to not indulge in any rumored details about the accident, coming from any other source than the officials or Miranda Soto herself.

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