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Nikki Yadav’s murder case is raising questions about live-in relationships in India as her partner and the prime suspect Sahil Gehlot confesses to the police.

Nikki Yadav's case Live-in murder fridge suspect sahil Gehlot
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Nikki Yadavi’s case and the prime suspect

The prime suspect, Sahil Gehlot confessed to murdering his long-time live-in partner Nikki Yadav and marrying the same day to another woman. He brutally killed her through strangulation with a mobile cable following a heated argument regarding their relationship.

  • According to the police reports, the culprit’s family was strongly against their relationship and had already arranged his marriage with another woman. The victim wasn’t aware of these developments until later even though they were in a live-in relationship for several years.
  • The culprit met with Nikki Yadav on February 09 and they both tried to secure a ticket for him for a Goa trip. However, they weren’t able to and altered their plans to travel to Himachal Pradesh instead.

  • On the way, the culprit parked his car at Kashmiri Gate ISBT and both of them started having a heated argument about his scheduled wedding. During the investigation, Gehlot confirmed that Yadav expressed her displeasure over his engagement and upcoming marriage.
  • He was conflicted about the trip insisted on by the victim since he felt family pressure to cooperate with the arranged marriage. According to Indian Express, the pair fought for approximately an hour inside the car.

  • During the argument, the brute Gehlot felt enraged and having lost his temper strangled the victim Nikki Yadav until death. Afterward, he felt panicked and roamed the area for a few hours before driving to his dhaba.
  • He reached the location between 4 to 5 A.M. and hid the body inside the refrigerator. The dhaba was not in operational condition for a long time. Thereupon, securing the body, Gehlot went home and participated in the wedding function. He tied the knot to another girl on 10 February, the same day of the murder.
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How did the suspect meet Nikki Yadav

Sahil Gehlot, the 24-year-old pharma student murdered his long-time live-in partner Nikki Yadav, apparently out of rage. The case is booked under sections 302, and 201 under the Indian Penal Code and further investigations are in progress.

  • The victim, Nikki Yadav, a 25-year old hailed from Haryana and shifted to Delhi for studies. Here, she met Sahil Gehlot in 2018 during regular travel to their respective tuition classes. Gehlot was preparing for the SSC exam and Yadav was preparing for the medical entrance exam.
  • Eventually, they both fell in love and were admitted to the same college. According to the police, they were very close and often traveled together. Yadav also wished to marry Gehlot, however, his parents were against the idea.
  • The police started their investigation after receiving a missing report from Nikki Yadav’s family on February 14, four days later the murder. The police found the body through an anonymous tip and arrested Sahil Gehlot as the prime suspect, who confessed his crime during the investigation.
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Public opinion leans towards anti-feminism and live-in relation

The news of Nikki Yadav’s murder case came before the ink of Shraddha Walkar’s murder case had dried. Both cases are eerily similar where the live-in partner brutally murdered the victims and stored the body in a refrigerator.

  • This recent occurrence also consists of more similarities such as both the victims were independent women living under the same roof with their respective lovers. This similarity has raised conservative sentiments in the country.
  • The western ideologies of feminism and live-in relationships are considered the true culprit of both murder cases.
  • While the question remains would the murderous rage of Aaftab Amin Poonawala and Sahil Gehlot have remained tamed if they weren’t involved with independent women? Let us know your take in the comments below and follow Spiel Times for the more latest news from around the globe.
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