What if Andrew Tate’s Lung Cancer is faked to get away from Romanian Police? – Explained

The world has not taken the words of Andrew Tate very lightly. Having spewed enormously crowd-reacting comments and philosophies, Andrew Tate has aggressively pile-driven into the Internet as the Net’s masculine top-G. But when things erode, reports say he has a lesion in his upper right lung. And his medical team is in Dubai, apparently. What is going on? And what If is Andrew Tate’s lung cancer is fake?

Why is Andrew Tate in Romania?

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In late December, Romanian authorities detained Andrew Tate, a media personality and millionaire, on charges of human trafficking. Tate who was the former Kickboxer turned ‘masculine influencer’ was taken into custody in Romania on Human Trafficking charges.

This event turned into a memefest when Andrew Tate tweeted “the matrix sent their agents”. But has the Matrix sent after Tate again? And this time through a dangerous disease too?

Does Andrew Tate have Lung Cancer?

Recently, Tate requested to be released from prison, citing a “serious health condition” that he was struggling with.

Spynews released alleged medical reports of Andrew Tate in December, sparking rumors on the internet. The reports claimed that he had received a CT scan in Dubai.

His medical team is apparently in Dubai

Following his arrest in Romania, Tate is said to be receiving medical treatment for his condition. However, according to his spokesperson, his preferred medical team is located in Dubai.

Andrew Tate has a lesion on his upper right lung

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate’s Manager’s instagram story alleges tate has cancer

Medical documents from doctors in Dubai and Romania reveal that Tate has a lesion in his upper right lung, which health officials say could indicate cancer. Tate’s spokesperson informed MailOnline that he has a dark spot on his lung, most likely a tumor.

  • Tate’s general practitioner at King’s College Hospital in the United Arab Emirates wrote a letter recommending his immediate repatriation to the Gulf nation. The letter, along with medical reports in English, seem to have been translated into Romanian.

According to two separate letters, one allegedly sent on January 3 and the other on February 23, Andrew Tate was found to have a “concerning” lesion on his “right upper lung” shortly after his arrest on December 29. Tate was detained with his brother Tristan and two Romanian women.

Is Andrew Tate’s Lung Cancer fake?

Andrew Tate Lung Cancer fake
Andrew Tate talks to the media as he leaves Romania’s anti-organized crime and terrorism directorate (DIICOT) after a digital investigation of devices, where his presence was required, in Bucharest, Romania, on January 25, 2023.
AFP/MIHAI BARBU, via Marca.com

Now pay real attention here, because this is important.

  1. It is quite convenient that Andrew Tate, who lives in Romania, has a primary care doctor and specialist in Dubai.
  2. It is worth noting that Dubai does not have an extradition treaty with Romania. And also, it is mentioned that his upper lungs have a lesion, as reported by his Doctor. It isn’t necessary for lesions to always be a tumor. Although it is entirely possible. 

Is it possible to get away with using this stunt?

Getting away from custody due to medical reasons is quite possible. Judicial systems also tend to segregate between Psychologically ill and normal criminals. While the former is given special privileges (in some sense) like being sent to a mental asylum.

Whereas in case a not proven guilty accused is facing medical troubles, any of the world’s finest democratic countries would not inhibit medical intervention to save the accused’s life. With all that, it is more than just likely that Andrew Tate is doing one of his biggest universal stunts. But the way I would put it is, either this is an act, or he dies.

SOURCES: Newsweek, Eviemagazine

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