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Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga is easily regarded as one of the Big 3 shonen that defined the anime phenomena that proliferated globally. Along with Oda’s One Piece and Kishimoto’s Naruto, the story of Ichigo Kurosaki has over the years garnered a cult following. The anime adaptation of the Bleach manga however came to an end in 2012 with Episode 366. The last episode was an installment in the Fullbringer arc and most people felt that the arc was pretty meh. Today Tite Kubo’s notable work returns with its anime adaptation named Bleach Thousand Year Blood Wars, and we are here to tell you where to watch Bleach anime’s 17th season.

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Bleach Thousand Year Blood Wars will range as a four cour anime release, expect breaks in between. The four cour anime series will go over for a total of 52 episodes. Unlike earlier times, there is no need for filler episodes given that the source adaptation of the manga is already finished. Bleach Manga ended in 2018.

Revisiting the purpose of Thousand Year Blood Wars

Bleach Final arc returns
Snapped via the Youtube channel of Aniplex

The basic set-up of the plot

  • The age-old story of Bleach is that of Ichigo’s journey through the ‘soul society’. The final arc of the manga tells the story of the Yhawch who is the emperor of Wandenreich. 
  • The majority of the early plot elements incorporated within the initial Bleach storyline followed only two parties – namely the hollows and the shinigami (death reapers). Ichigo’s entry as a substitute Shinigami threw the balance off-guard for both the worlds. Over time we were introduced to plenty of other institutions, including Priests (Ise Clan), the fullbringers, etc.

What is Thousand Year Blood Wars?

The Thousand Year Blood Wars storyline will bring together the stories of the Qunicies, who are like the god of destruction Monks. These Quincy are capable of seeing souls and hollows and are similarly motivated to get rid of the latter.

  • Usually, the way of the world is that the enemy of thy enemy is thy ally. But not in regards to the selfish Soul Society members who felt that the Quincy were not befitted of taking away all the hollows
  • The giant extermination of hollows in ginormous numbers threw the balance of the world off-guard and the Shinigamis were left with little to do. Rukia once mentioned that the way Quincy destroys the souls of the hollows completely obliterates it.
Bleach New Anime 80 voice actors
Snap grab through Viz,
Manga chapter #1
  • This creates an influx of over exaggerated number of souls in the human world. Rukia believes that such an imbalance may probably lead to the human world and the realm of souls colliding, creating what would be seen as the end of the world.

The primary Antagonist of the final story of Bleach

Yhawch in Bleach Thousand Year Blood Wars where to watch
Yhawch in Bleach Thousand Year Blood Wars, Via Viz Media

The purpose of Yhawch is that of an anti-truth to the soul society’s philosophy. Yhawch believes that only when such a collision happens will the world truly be unified. A world where death will not be feared and the division between life and death will cease to exist- creating the death of duality and only unity will reign.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood Wars anime adaptation as the 17th season will be the final rendition of the Bleach storyline in the anime fandom. The thousand-year blood wars refer to the conflict between the Quincy and Shinigamis and the difference in ideologies of the Soul king and his son, Yhawch. 

Bleach Thousand Years Blood Wars; Where to Watch?

Crunchyroll no longer streams Bleach

For international viewers, information regarding the worldwide streaming of Bleach Thousand Years Blood Wars has been revealed. Only recently it was reported that Crunchyroll will no longer have the rights over Bleach as Disney+ has taken the exclusive streaming rights over it.

Crunchyroll also removed the entire Bleach catalog from their servers, meaning that the entirety of Bleach is no more in Crunchyroll. Fans were suspicious of this when Crunchyroll released their fall 2022 line-up, which did not include the 17th season of Bleach.  Now if not Crunchyroll, where to watch the new Bleach Anime?

Native Release 

The following is the release information of the TV broadcast of Bleach in Japan, credit from the official bleach website.

  • TV Tokyo
    From Monday, October 10
    Every Monday from 24:00
  • BS TV Tokyo
    From Monday, October 10
    Every Monday from 24:00
  • Sendai Broadcasting
    From Monday, October 10
    Every Monday from 25:30
  • Niigata Broadcasting
    From Tuesday, October 11th
    Every Tuesday from 25:30
  • Hiroshima TV
    From Tuesday, October 11th
    Every Tuesday from 25:29
  • TV Shizuoka
    From Sunday, October 16th
    Every Sunday from 8:30
  • AT-X
    From Monday, October 17
    Every Monday from 23:00
Other than this, the Japanese audience will also be able to enjoy the show on streaming websites such as Amazon Prime, and Disney + (referring to the Japanese servers). Bleach will premiere on 10th October at 12 AM JST.

Where to watch Bleach for an International audience

Bleach Thousand Year Blood Wars will be simulcast internationally by Viz Media, meaning they will release each episode simultaneously as in the Japanese release. The following sites are confirmed to host the series simulcast as of now –

  • Disney+ will stream the series.
  •  Hulu, which is two-thirds owned by Disney, will also stream the show. This is only for those residing in the United States.


Bleach anime has left behind a legacy that still inspires fans following a decade after its halt in 2012. Fans complained when they realized their favorite Shonen series was halting for an indefinite period of time. In 2018 when the Manga ended hope arose for a potential return of Bleach’s final story. Flash forward to 2022 and we finally have amongst us a Bleach adaptation that we all awaited.

How will the Quincy and Shinigami war turn out to be? Comment below your expectations of the same as we bring more Gaming, Cinema, Anime, and News to you.

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