PETA heavily criticized Aubrey Plaza's recent ad
PETA heavily criticized Aubrey Plaza's recent ad (Image via MilkPEP)

The White Lotus star, Aubrey Plaza, is receiving criticism for her recent project.

On April 20, an ad was uploaded to YouTube, social media, and Plaza’s personal Instagram. It featured Aubrey Plaza and was produced by the dairy industry marketing company Milk Processor Education Program. In the ad, the actor can be seen trying to persuade her audience to buy a product named “Wood Milk.” It has been viewed more than 3.4 million times on the platform.

Now everyone is wondering if it’s true that one can drink milk made by trees, as claimed in this advertisement.

The “Wood Milk” ad by Aubrey Plaza faces backlash by netizens 

The "Wood Milk" ad lands Aubrey Plaza in hot waters
The “Wood Milk” ad lands Aubrey Plaza in hot waters (Image via MilkPEP)

Aubrey Plaza of Agatha: Coven of Chaos announceD the launch of her new alternative milk brand, Wood Milk. Well, this is exactly what it sounds like, in a sarcastic advertisement.

“Have you ever looked at a tree and thought, ‘Can I drink this?’” At the start of the video, Plaza says. She looks thoughtfully at a tree in an orchard as happy music plays. “I did,” she then says.

Plaza then makes her introduction as a co-founder of Wood Milk, “the world’s first and only milk made from wood.” She can then be seen in that scene posing calmly with woods and trees, dousing herself with wood shavings, and taking close-up pictures of trees as she speaks.

“Inspired by the idea that these days you can make milk out of anything – Aubrey looked at a tree and thought- could I drink this? And thus, Wood Milk was born,” The ad then says in a statement.

However, it turns out this entire thing is a publicity stunt because Wood Milk isn’t a real company or item. The classic “Got Milk?” campaign, which ran from the 1990s to 2014, was produced by the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP). It is a milk industry marketing organization sponsored by milk processors and a national board. This advertisement takes a dig at that campaign.

This ad by Aubrey Plaza plays on the appeal that a fictional alternative product would attract people who ordinarily experiment with other types of milk. The “Got Milk?” campaign, which aims to promote milk consumption, is sarcastically represented by the ad. In fact, the final line of the advertisement, “only real milk is real,” sparked a discussion among vegans.

The California Milk Processor Board launched the “Got Milk?” advertising campaign in 1993. Since then, the campaign has been running more or less continuously. Its goal was to encourage milk consumption over alternatives like soft drinks and other types of milk. It served as a clear endorsement of dairy products.

The “Got Milk?” campaign has been wildly successful since its inception and spread like wildfire throughout popular culture. The advertising’ tagline, “Got Milk?” became a well-known catchphrase. One of the most effective advertising campaigns of all time, the campaign assisted in a more than 7% rise in milk consumption in California.

How are netizens reacting to this ad?

Due to this ad, Aubrey Plaza has been facing a lot of criticism, especially from PETA.

You can also share any questions or comments you have about Aubrey Plaza. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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