The joystick provides the flexibility to flank in one trajectory while glancing in another area when playing Fortnite. Playing with a mouse and keyboard only moves in 4 directions (forward, backward, left, right). This restriction is inconvenient because it prevents you from sprinting full speed while keeping an eye on your environment. Until Epic Games withdrew them, a few gamers utilized “double movement” keybinds to their advantage!

What is Double Movement? How does it work?

  • The double movement is essentially a PC player’s tactic for a particular type of action. This aids in the imitation of a gamer’s walking style using controllers!
  • These, as the names indicate, actually enable users to bind one of their mobility inputs to two keys in order to attain “controller movement.” The method was then outlawed in-game by restricting movement interface mapping to a single button.

  • BenjyFishy claims that gamers can still achieve double movement by using ReWASD and Keys2xInput. As a result, these apps work as a keyboard-joystick.
    • Players with Epic Games connections, such as BenjyFishy, are likely to have been granted consent to employ these, so you can try them out as well.

Will the double movement be back?

  • Since the game’s creators agreed to ditch this function, it’s become a hot topic. This move did not sit well with many Fortnite PC players.
  • As a result, the overwhelming feedback from supporters to this part due from the fresh set of updates demonstrates how deeply the gamers have invested in finishing the game’s activities and obstacles.

  • Epic Games has yet to comment on the situation, and we don’t know if they intend to take initiative, but things appear to be fine for the time being.

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