What is happening to famous streamer IShowSpeed?

What is happening to IShowSpeed? This question has been making rounds on the internet after the sensational YouTuber and streamer went viral after making a video of his illness. His eyes were swollen and he is definitely not in good shape. Lately, Speed has been making content in Japan which includes meeting Neymar in the land of the rising sun. However, his fans are worried sick about him and are hoping for his fast recovery.

What is happening to iShowSpeed?

Yesterday, IShowSpeed posted a short video on YouTube titled “i might die bye” which sparked controversy as well as panic among his fans. The 18-year-old internet icon described his painful experience to his viewers by saying “Right now, I have one of the worst experiences I am having right now. I can’t even open up my eyes. I have this thing called a cluster headache. A deadly headache disease. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t do anything right now.” He continued, “It hurts so bad, chat. It hurts so bad. I can’t do anything. It hurts. Everything I do, like, something pounding my head every time and I’m so angry. It hurts, like, even now it hurts. I can’t do sh*t. There’s no care to this. I love y’all, if anything happens.” The video quickly received more than 1 million views and support for the influencer poured in the comments section.

According to IShowSpeed, he is suffering from a disease called “Cluster Headache”

The first video he created, Speed revealed his ordeal and the status of his health. He has swollen eyes that are getting bigger by the hour plus he is feeling extreme pain that feels like “stabbing”. A few hours ago, Speed made another video and told his fans that he was brought to the hospital and about to undergo surgery. It can be seen that he is in so much pain and he is worse than before. His eyes puffed even more that he almost cannot open both of them. In addition to that, Speed’s voice says it all. Thankfully, medical experts in Japan have taken good care of the YouTuber.

However, Speed’s father, Darrel Watkins Sr., gives an update about the young star’s status. In the video, Watkins Sr. specified that he is already recovering and feeling good and doing much better. He has also thanked all the fans for their prayers and support.

Fans of IShowSpeed showed their massive support

IShowSpeed’s YouTube and social media accounts were filled with prayers and support from his fans. The famous YouTuber has been traveling for quite some time now and a lot of people speculated he could have had an allergy, despite the information he had a rare ailment called “cluster headache”. People are optimistic he will recover fast and make more content once he returns to his home in Ohio. Speed has amassed almost 19 million followers on YouTube throughout his career.

Support for iShowSpeeds recovery Support for iShowSpeeds recovery 2

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