What is Poppy Playtime all about? How to play?

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The first chapter of Poppy Playtime has been out for almost a year now and since then, it was able to capture the interests of both new and experienced horror gamers. For some gamers, this may be the first time they’re coming across Poppy Playtime. On the other hand, you might have seen clips of Poppy Playtime on social media sites like TikTok and YouTube, and that got you wondering: what is Poppy Playtime all about? Continue reading to find out more about Poppy Playtime and how to play it as we’ll cover all the basics in this article.

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To give you a brief overview of Poppy Playtime, it’s created by MOB Games. This game has you take on the role of a former employee at a closed toy factory. As you set foot back in the factory, you’ll find that there are some sinister things going on in there. Keep reading to get to know all about Poppy Playtime as well as how to play and where to play.

What is Poppy Playtime all about?

We already started off by revealing that in Poppy Playtime, you play as a former employee of a toy factory that’s already closed for good. We know what you’re thinking: what the heck is my character doing back at the factory if it’s closed?!

Well… it all starts with your character receiving a letter asking for your help. The only way for you to help out whoever sent that letter is by going over to the toy factory. From there, you set out on a journey of horror and jumpscares all over. The game is definitely like Five Nights at Freddy’s but in a slightly bigger space.

  • The first chapter of Poppy Playtime was released on October 12, 2021. Back then, players had to purchase the first chapter before they were able to play it. Now, MOB Games is offering the first chapter for free on Steam while the second chapter is available as a purchasable DLC
  • Poppy Playtime is also available on both iOS and Android devices for a small fee. It’s still the same game, just with different controls fitting for mobile devices
Poppy Playtime - Chapter 1 Mobile
Image Courtesy of MOB Games

How do I play Poppy Playtime?

In the first chapter, you’ll need to go around the toy factory and collect VHS tapes. These tapes will help lead you in uncovering what exactly is going on in the toy factory. The only catch is as you make your way around the factory, there is danger lurking in every corner.

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With the use of your GrabPack, getting around and trying to fulfill your mission in the factory is easier. But of course, you still can’t ignore the fact that lots of vengeful toys are hot on your trail.

  • You can play Poppy Playtime on either your PC or mobile device. At the moment, you can download the first chapter for free from Steam. Once you finish escaping the wrath of Huggy Wuggy, you can access the second chapter and take on Mommy Long Legs for a small fee
  • For players on mobile devices, both chapters are also available but unlike the Steam version, you’ll have to buy the first chapter

  • The third chapter is yet to be released, but MOB Games has already given us a trailer teasing what’s to come in the series. We can expect the third chapter sometime next year. Hopefully, we’ll get to know more about Playtime Co. and its inhabitants in the third chapter

Give Poppy Playtime a try if you’re a fan of horror games! We promise you won’t regret it as the story and the characters you meet along the way will definitely leave an impression on you.

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What do you think about Poppy Playtime? Will you be trying your hand at this horror game from MOB Games? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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