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The biggest music streaming service in the world, Spotify, officially announced the release of the “AI DJ,” its newest AI-powered feature. By offering individualized recommendations based on unique listening interests and habits, this cutting-edge technology seeks to alter the way users find new music and construct playlists.

Spotify’s AI DJ claims to create playlists that are customized to each user’s individual interests by analyzing and interpreting enormous amounts of data, making the music-listening experience more pleasurable and immersive than ever. Users can enjoy a totally personalized listening experience while learning about new artists and songs thanks to the AI DJ. 

Users can enjoy a seamless listening experience without interruptions thanks to the AI DJ feature. It also enables seamless transitions between music. The AI DJ may even make song recommendations based on the listener’s location, mood, and time of day. It is a user-friendly tool for music lovers of all skill levels thanks to its intuitive layout. 

Here’s how to use Spotify’s new AI DJ

Via the iOS and Android mobile apps, some listeners might have the opportunity to begin exploring Spotify DJ. Spotify is currently gradually rolling out the feature to its U.S. and Canadian Premium members. Individuals eager to use Spotify DJ should make sure their mobile app is the most recent version available.

Users must open the mobile app, navigate to the ‘Home’ page, and hit the ‘Music’ button near the top of the screen to visit the Music feed to see if they already have access to the functionality. It should have a DJ card there. To start the playlist created by AI, just tap “Play” on it. Press the DJ button located in the bottom-right corner of the screen to access a variety of genres, or artists. If the songs are not producing the desired result or vibe.

Overall, Spotify’s AI DJ is a significant step forward in the music streaming industry. It is worth exploring for anyone looking for a new and exciting way to discover music. The feature’s integration with Spotify’s vast music library and intuitive interface makes it easy to use for all types of music lovers. 

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