Boruto Anime is finally back on track. After having adapted Sasuke Retsuden’s story from the light novel, the Anime has returned by adapting the Code Arc. With only two more episodes to go, fans await a short hiatus as Boruto Episode 293 ends and Part I of Boruto concludes. But with the news of Boruto Part II being scheduled for July-Sept, fans are wondering if the Anime could reach to the Boruto Timeskip anytime soon.

Boruto episode 293 anime hiatus
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  • Now the problem here is that there is no manga source yet to catch up to. The Boruto Timeskip is a prophecized telling of a long long time ago. This all began when we witnessed a grown-up Kawaki fighting a grown-up Boruto with a scar on his eye.
  • Anime fans often joke that the first episode’s first scene is the only thing keeping them engaged to the series.

On the possibility of Boruto Anime Part I ending leading to the Manga TimeSkip

As speculations grew regarding the Boruto anime’s hiatus, fans formulated theories about the series’ future. Some theorized that the highly anticipated time skip might occur at the beginning of Boruto anime part 2.

What is the Timeskip exactly and will it happen in Boruto Part II?

What is the time skip exactly, you wonder? To answer this I must take you back to the very first chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Where we see a destructed Konoha, a one-eye-shut Boruto with Sasuke’s cape and sword, and Kawaki battling. Kawaki tells Boruto that he shall send him to the same place as he did the Seventh Hokage.

  • In the first chapter of the Boruto, the Kawaki, and Boruto we see are obviously much older than the duo we currently see in the Manga.
  • As such, fans speculate the Manga to hit a time skip soon. And with the Boruto Anime sticking close to the Manga, it seems viable that the Anime will also follow suit.
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Nevertheless, no official statement has been released, and manga enthusiasts pointed out that a time skip in part 2 was unlikely as it has not yet happened in the Boruto manga.

The time skip is still not really real in Manga terms. But given how it was shown to us at the very beginning, the Boruto Timeskip is actually inevitable. As such, let us draw on two fronts to understand how eventual this wait for timeskip might be. Firstly, let us retrospect what the manga has in store for us.

Is Boruto Chapter 78 leading us to the eventual timeskip?

Sasuke Uchiha's appearance in Boruto, via crunchyroll
Sasuke Uchiha’s appearance in Boruto, via crunchyroll
  1. The Boruto manga is on the brink of a time skip as chapter 78 spoilers are circulating on Twitter. Fans are thrilled as Mikio Ikemoto has finally revealed the source of Boruto’s scar on his right eye.
  2. In the latest chapter, Kawaki attacks Sarada, but Boruto intervenes and ends up with a scar on his right eye, just as depicted in the series’ opening scenes.

These developments suggest that the time skip is imminent and that the puzzle pieces are falling into place. Chapter 77 and spoilers for chapter 78 show that Boruto receives his long-awaited scar, and Kawaki traps Hinata and Naruto in the Daikokuten dimension using a Kama Rift.

The Manga will also have to introduce new enemies (such as Amado, Eida, and potentially Code if he’s still alive), or explores the Otsutsuki clan.

Now, onto the Anime part of our analysis.

Is the time skip possible after Boruto Anime Episode 293?

Boruto Episode 293
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After the Code Activation arc, there could potentially be another 6-7 month-long arc that sets up the confrontation between Kawaki and Boruto. Boruto Episode 293 is scheduled to end the Part I of the series.

  • Following that, there may be a time skip with flashbacks to unseen events from the original Boruto series, similar to what was done in Naruto Shippuden.
  • However, the series has already been ongoing for 5-6 years, and unless there is a time skip, declining sales, and viewership may lead to the end of Boruto.

But such a despicable end may still be far away from the Manga and Anime’s reach. Currently, both the manga and anime adaptations of Boruto are at the peak of their popularity. After a lengthy pause, the Boruto anime is now back to adapting the manga and is presently in the midst of the captivating Code arc.

How the Manga is connecting Boruto Timeskip cues

Boruto Timeskip
Image via Twitter user @Rocho_Luana
  • The early episodes of the series showed Boruto Uzumaki sporting a cloak and wielding a sword resembling Sasuke’s. These are the cues, along with Boruto’s scarred eye.

This has led fans to speculate that Sasuke’s fate might be bleak, with the manga building up to a time skip in the upcoming chapters. Fans are left in shock at the possibility of Sasuke facing grave danger or even death.

Despite the slim possibility of a time skip in Boruto anime part 2, the manga’s critical point will likely be gradually adapted into the anime when it reaches that stage. While waiting for Boruto anime part 2, fans can delve into the manga for more exciting developments in the story.

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