What is the new Avengers Secret Wars? + All MCU Projects in Work

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Is there a new Avengers Movie confirmed? What are Avengers Secret Wars and Kang Dynasty in Marvel? how is MCU going to build up all their Marvel Projects that will lead to the next largest-worldwide cinema phenomena?

Yes, there will be an Avengers movie soon. You know that we all know that. That isn’t the question. The question is actually plural, questions – as your blood is boiling, and many questions about where the MCU is headed dread you. All it takes to pull you in is to hit the right vein, tell you from where this entire Marvel frenzy is coming from and where it’s going. What you want to know, dear reader is what are MCU phases 4,5,6 and what is the Avengers movie planned at the end of this.

Is There a New Avengers Movie Coming Soon?

New Avengers Secret Wars Kang Dynasty Marvel Project MCU Phase 4,5,6
Snapped from Instagram @marvelstudios

If you visited the San Diego Comic-Con of 2022 held over 7 Weeks ago, you would know that Marvel announced Avengers: Kang Dynasty and the end of Phase 6- Avengers: Secret Wars. Marvel announced Kang Dynasty to release on May 2, 2025, and Secret Wars is recorded for November 7, 2025.

What Is The Magnitude of Avengers Secret Wars Storyline

  • Avengers is one of the biggest worldwide superhero cinema phenomena ever. Ever since the heroes’ debut in 2012 with the first Avengers installment, it has been an uphill journey for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Almost half and more of the entire population of Earth said that MCU is more or less done after Endgame.
  • Avengers Infinity Wars and Endgame were truly one of the biggest treats any moviegoer may have witnessed, it’s an event of a lifetime. But here we are headed for what could possibly be termed the grandest comic superhero gathering ever – Avengers Secret Wars. I would estimate the cast of Avengers Secret Wars would be two times the Infinity Saga setup. Secret Wars is going to endow universes over the universe, and even ‘beyonders’ to set up the holy grail for universal survival.

What is the Avengers Secret Wars Marvel Storyline

marvel comic cover #3
Snapped from Marvel.com
The cover of Secret Wars

The story of Avengers Secret Wars essentially follows and is based upon the central figure called Molecule Man, the incursions, and beyonders. The following is a summary of what led to The Avengers’ Secret Wars in Marvel Comics. It is also to give you a glimpse at what the future Marvel Projects will lead towards in the MCU Phase 4,5,6.

Fantastic Four’s Molecule Man In Avengers Secret Wars

Fantastic Four in Avengers Secret Wars
Secret Wars #3 via Marvel.com

To brief you very lightly, Molecule Man follows Owen Reece of Earth 616. Owen grew up to become a scientist and work at a certain industrial atomic research corporation. The origin of Molecule Man starts when he tries to fix an atomic-powered device. Reece gets into an accident that is estimated to have a risk causation of a trillion-to-one possibility.

The accident bombarded him with radiation, kind of similar to how Banner was exposed to Gamma radiation in Hulk. Owen Reece was transformed into a walking-talking Molecule man. He later finds out that he is capable of changing the molecular structure of anything.

Molecule Man is A Singularity – A One in A Trillion

Molecule Man was a singularity of sorts, a being that is one in every universe. Meaning that only one Molecule Man can exist of Owen Reece in the entire multiverse. This is because the sheer possibility of the accident occurring is one in a trillion. It would take a trillion universes for one of them to have the Molecule man, and it kinda happened to be that he was the first in the entire Multiverse.

The Beyonders planned an experiment to see what would happen if a singularity became plural. (That is if in every universe every Owen was turned into the Molecule Man and was killed afterward.)

A Bridge Between The Multiverse and Beyond, Avengers Secret Wars Initiation

Dr Doom in Fantastic Four
DR Doom kills all Molecule man in all universe, creating the beginning of incursions
Courtesy of Marvel.com

Molecule Man is fun and all, but the ominous thing about the entire event was that the atomic blast blew out a portion of the universe in Earth 616 that actually ripped out a proportion of the multiverse itself. A Being beyond the Multiverse named Beyonder (who is of the category beyonders i.e those from beyond the multiverse) finds his way into the Earth’s realm. This affects Owen greatly. 

All Universes Start To Collide – The Proxy War in Avengers Secret Wars

The Beyonders instigate a multiversal proxy war instigated by Beyonders who plan on creating a Molecule Man in every universe within the multiverse. Once this happens, Dr. Doom who can be classified as one of the most infamous (or famous) Marvel villains after Thanos, kills every Owen in every universe. This tips off the balance of the universes, whereby all realities (universes) start to collide with each other. Marvel called this event incursions.

What Marvel Projects Will Connect to The New Avengers Movie Avengers Secret Wars

Kang in Loki Season 2
Kang in Loki Season 1, via Disney+


Kang in Marvel Comics
Via Marvel.com

Fantastic Four

  • Secret Wars will inevitably require Fantastic Four. There’s no Secret Wars without Reed Richards, Dr. Doom, and Molecule Man. Unless Marvel finds a different way to incur the incursions (hah!).
  • The Fantastic Four will have a very pivotal role in building up Mr. Fantastic, the leader. Dr. Doom must also be done properly for his role in the incursions and secret wars.


  • Thunderbolt will probably follow the storyline whereby people of Earth start losing trust in the heroes. Thunderbolt will be a symbolic representation of the decline of hope and the coming together of the bad guys together. An Avengers Assemble of the villains.


  • It is likely that Daredevil may end up joining the Avengers. At first, it seems very off-putting for a human to be fairing with the likes of Captain Marvel, but it’s hardly the first time. Hawkeye and The Black Widow are fan favorites for god’s sake.

Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Kang in Kang Dynasty
Kang the Conquerer
Courtesy of Marvel.com
  • Kevin Fiege said that Ant-Man will be the end of MCU Phase 4 and begin Phase 5. Phase 4 feels more like an introductory arc, setting the story for Kang’s rise into a villain in Phase 5. Kang is likely to appear in Phase 4’s ending blockbuster.

Captain America

  • Captain America will connect Daredevil in the following Marvel Projects. Daredevil Born Again will team up with the American Super Soldier to fight off against a villain Super Soldier named Nuke. Captain America also plays a vital role in the battle against Kang. There’s a brutal panel of Cap fighting the Immortus in space.

Avengers Kang Dynasty

He Who Remains
He Who Remains
courtesy of Marvel.com
  • Kang may play a vital role. Writer Joe George believes that Kang is the only one capable of stopping the Beyonders’ incursions and the proxy war set up by them.
  • This may mean that Kang will invariably end up joining the Avengers. It may mean that when fighting Kang, things change as realities start collapsing and the heroes and the villain have no other way but to join teams.
  • It indicates the possibility of some variant of Kang joining up with the Avengers while some other variant joins up with the villains who are pitted by the Beyonders to fight the heroes.

All Marvel Projects We Know So Far

New Avengers Secret Wars Kang Dynasty Marvel Project MCU Phase 4,5,6

The following are all the projects confirmed that we know so far.

Animated Series

X-Men 97

The X-Men 97 would be a continuation of the X-men animated series 1992.

Spider-Man Freshman Year

The animated series is a prequel to MCU Spiderman’s story and follows Peter Parker on his way to becoming Spider-Man in the MCU.

What if Season 2

Continuation of What If Season 2 is all green-lit.



She-Hulk started premiering on August 17 in Disney+ and has even introduced the new Daredevil in the MCU lineup for phases 4,5,6.

I am Groot

As Announced in D23 and San Diego Comic-Con

Secret Invasion

Marvel’s Secret Invasion follows Skrulls, a group of shapeshifting individuals that first appeared in Spiderman Far From Home in the shape of Nick Fury. Secret Invasion follows the storyline where Skrulls imitate and become the mightiest heroes of Earth. Who do you trust?

Armor Wars

Don Cheadle will return as James “Rhodey” Rhodes, aka War Machine, in Marvel Studios’ Armor Wars.

Fantastic Four

WandaVision director Matt Shakman is directing the new Fantastic Four installment. Read Henry Cavil is rumored to play Dr. Doom while John Kransinki is rumored to play Mr. Fantastic. 

Werewolf By Night

Guardian of The Galaxy Vol 3


Werewolf By Night

Loki Season 2 




Captain America Winter Soldier

Daredevil Born Again


Fantastic Four


Fortnite - Marvel Zero War Cover
Screengrab Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

The above were all the confirmed Marvel Projects for MCU Phase 4,5,6. Yet what lies beyond is not a hard guess: more comic book adaptations. Marvel Cinematic Universe has stayed very true to the comic book. Down from the comic stories up to the hero costumes. So it isn’t difficult to gesture that much of the New Avengers Movie Secret Wars and Kang Dynasty will totally have their faith in comics.

It isn’t all that bad, fans really do enjoy a faithful cinematic adaptation. Albeit awash with criticism, Marvel Projects continue to unravel themselves despite the departure of Captain America, Iron Man, and the Black Widow. 

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