What is the PlayStation India Hero Project Incubator Program? | Explained

PlayStation India Hero Project Incubator Program

PlayStation is undoubtedly one of the global powerhouses in the world of gaming. Sony has been known for supporting the upcoming developer and has previously announced incubation projects like China Hero Project and PlayStation Talents (Spain). Following this, Sony PlayStation announced another project called PlayStation India Hero Project Incubator Program. In this article, we will explain it in detail and guide you on how to be part of this initiative from Sony.

What is PlayStation India Hero Project Incubator Program?

This is an incubator program announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment on 8th May 2023. PlayStation India Hero Project aims to identify promising local developers by providing them with mentorship, training, and project-based investment.

PlayStation believes that by giving this opportunity and supporting local devs, they will bring compelling new experiences to the global communities. In addition, a blog authored by Hector R Fernandez (Head of GTPR Business Development) and Radhika Thakur (SIE Corporate Strategy & Development) stated, “As part of our evolving journey to ensure that PlayStation remains the best place to play, we’re committed to developing regional incubator programs capable of identifying new and diverse developers worldwide.”

“The India Hero Project is fueled by this commitment and our belief in the Indian gaming market.”

How to apply for the project

It is fairly easy to apply for this project. The submission form for applying for this project is already open to all interested individuals. You can fill out your form and submit it by clicking this link.

Are there any requirements needed before applying?

It is wonderful to see that SIE doesn’t have a limit on the minimum size of the team that can apply, as this allows base-level developers. Although there is a minimum criteria to apply for this project, and it is as follows:

  • The project is limited to Indian developers; hence they should be a legal entity in India.
  • Furthermore, they should be registered as a PlayStation Registered Developer (Here is a link to help you register as a PlayStation Partner).

What are the benefits of joining the PlayStation India Hero Project?

  • Applicants who will be accepted will receive direct mentorship from Sony.
  • They will be allowed access to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s internal resources.
  • They will receive funding for their project if accepted.
  • There will be a possibility of your project being published globally under the PlayStation India Hero project. Sony Interactive Entertainment will publish the project.

In addition to all this information, detailed FAQs were shared by the SIE. Interested applicants should go through them once to avoid any misunderstanding before applying. We see this as an amazing initiative by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Also, we appreciate their efforts in helping the gaming environment grow at a grass-root level.

What are your thoughts about this project? If you have other questions regarding PlayStation India Hero Project Incubator Program and how to apply, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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