The latest iteration of the popular baseball game franchise, MLB The Show 2021 has been announced and the Cover Star for the installment will be none other than Fernando Tatis Jnr, who is the shortstop for the San Diego Padres. Here is when the game will release.

What is the release date for MLB The Show 2021?

MLB The Show 2021 will be releasing on 20 April 2021. This is the first time that the game is cross-platform, i.e, it will be releasing on Xbox consoles as well. Prior to this installment, MLB The Show games were PlayStation exclusives. This seems to be quite good news for fans of the sport as this was much sought by the community.

MLB The Show 21 launches on April 20, 2021. The standard edition on current-gen consoles retails for $59.99 USD/$79.99 CAD and $69.99 USD/$89.99 CAD on next-gen consoles.


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