Walgreens abortion pill boycott mifepristone
Walgreens faces boycott over mifepristone sale (Image courtesy of Walgreens/Twitter)

Walgreens face a boycott over mifepristone abortion pills following legal threats from Republican officers. The pharmacy chain confirms it’s a temporary step.

The pharmacy chain, Walgreens, announce its changed distribution policy of abortion pills in the red states of the country. It will temporarily stop selling abortion pills due to the threats of legal action from Republican officers.

This list covers all the Republican states, including those where abortion and mifepristone pills are legal and available. Walgreens mentioned in its statement that the decision came after it received letters from 20 Republican leaders over the sales of mifepristone, an abortion drug.

Walgreens won’t be selling abortion pills in 21 states

The war on women’s rights continues as Walgreens released a statement announcing it won’t be selling abortion drugs in 21 states. Lawmakers from the Republican-led states wrote threatening letters to the pharmacies a couple of months back.

20 state attorney generals threatened legal action upon selling mifepristone pills. The drug is used to abort pregnancy during the first trimester and also to ease miscarriages. This makes the new decision a step backward in the availability of medical science.

Meanwhile, the medication remains legal in some states such as Alaska, Iowa, Montana, and Kansas. However, due to the legal pressure on Walgreens and other pharmacies from the Republican attorney generals, the pharmacy chain will no longer sell the medicine there.

Walgreens applies for FDA certification to sell mifepristone, pill unavailability may be temporary  

Walgreens and CVS confirmed that they have applied for certification to sell abortion pills from The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A new rule finalized in January allows pharmacies to sell mifepristone drugs after receiving official certification.

Other pharmacies that received the same letters from the Republican attorney generals are yet to confirm theistancend on the matter. This includes top names such as CVS, Costco, Walmart, Rite Aid, Albertsons, and Kroger.

The mifepristone pills were regulated for over two decades, with only specialty clinics and offices selling the drug. FDA changed the policy in December 2021, when it allowed doctors to prescribe it as necessary. However, the administration is already facing a lawsuit in Texas due to the decision.

Netizens encourage Walgreens’ boycott in response to the decision

The public is against Walgreens’ decision to retract abortion pills from the market. Netizens trended various hashtags on social networking sites, expressing their anger and disappointment with the pharmacy.

They have encouraged citizens of America to boycott Walgreens altogether. Additionally, they even asked people overseas to join the cause by boycotting its global company, Walgreens Boots Alliance.

This boycott is gaining more momentum on International Women’s Day as people are blaming the corporation for hating women. According to some netizens, they were denied abortion pills even in the Democratic states that aren’t included in the previous announcements.

Furthermore, in light of the recent controversy regarding the Blue states, California cut its ties with Walgreens. The state’s Gov. Gavin Newsom shared the decision through a tweet, calling the decision extreme and risky to women’s lives.

In this political tussle over the legality of abortion, the struggles of women continue to face compromises at the cost of their health and life.

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