What is the willow project petition about #stopwillow explained

The world is in desperate need of help! Climate change is everywhere, and it’s affecting our lives in ways we never imagined. But fear not, there is hope. The #stopwillow petition is taking over social media and started to make a change before the Willow Project might commence. With the power of TikTok, people are coming together to stop the Willow Project in its tracks.

The green light to start the controversial oil and gas drilling project comes from the U.S. administration and President Joe Biden. Here’s a look at why environmental activists and even individuals rally online to oppose this Willow Project.

What is the #stopwillow petition?

People are taking to TikTok and other social media platforms to spread the word about the dangers of the Willow Project. They’re signing the petition on change.org, which has already over 2.9 million signatures, and counting!

  • That’s why the #stopwillow movement is so important. This petition can raise awareness among individuals from around the globe as to what could happen if the project pushes through.

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  • The Willow Project is being proposed by ConocoPhillips, and they claim that it would create jobs and energy production, while also managing inflation and energy costs in the US. However, the potential benefits are far outweighed by the negative impact it would have on the environment.
  • As Sonny Ahk, an Alaskan advocate, said in the petition, “There must come a point where human health, food security, environmental justice, and a functioning ecosystem come before corporate profit.” And that’s what the #stopwillow petition and movement is all about.

How to join the petition

Every signature on the petition counts, that’s for sure. We can hear about the decision of the U.S. administration and the president on Monday. You still have time to join the movement!

  • Sign the petition here on change.org, spread the word on social media, and let your voice be heard. Together, we can stop the Willow Project and make a real difference in the fight against climate change.

  • Amidst the chaos of our world, there remains a hope that we can band together to protect our beloved planet from the irreversible harm we’ve caused. Even the smallest actions can have a profound impact on our environment, and every individual effort counts towards the greater goal of saving our planet and its inhabitants.

More about the Willow Project

If the project gets the green light, it could harm the animals that call Alaska home and release a staggering 287 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This would be catastrophic for the fight against climate change.

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Image Courtesy of Protect The Arctic
  • The Willow Project could greatly add to climate change in the world as well. More than 99.7% of climate pollution annually would be emitted once the Willow Project gets going.
  • Being the largest oil producer, ConocoPhillips planned to invest in more projects in Alaska’s North Slope. You can read more about the laid benefits of the Willow Projects on ConocoPhillips’ site.

Let us embrace the power of our individual actions and the potential for change that lies within us all. With the power of our voices and the strength of our convictions, we can make our leaders take notice and demand meaningful action on climate change.

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