What storyline could Avengers Kang Dynasty tell based on the comics?

The Kang Dynasty, as the name suggests, has Kang as the King of this dynasty. The Kang Dynasty has eyes on earth now where the Avengers reside! The movie can be seen coming to life in the midst of 2025. But what do we have in store? Kang talks to his son about the years he has spent mastering his skills in combat and in conquering worlds. This is a speculation of the storyline based on the comic books.

  • It can be seen in this storyline, that Kang, with his huge space ship which is oddly shaped like a sword, is coming toward earth.
  • Soon after, the ship shoots a large beam on earth especially attacking the U.N. headquarters to attract the Avengers.
Avengers Kang Dynasty
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The Cast that we can predict till now in this Avengers movie

Soon after the attack on earth, the Wasp comes into the picture to tell Kang about the wreckage that he has caused. And the people that are dying at his hands. He swiftly cuts the Wasp short and brings out the people stuck in the building having protective energy shields around them.

  • He tells the Wasp that he hasn’t killed anyone yet and that, this was just a power demonstration. As to what the Avengers should expect if they decide to stand against him.
  • This time, he is here to take over our dear Earth. But will our dear Avengers let it happen?

Kang explains why is he on Earth now to The Avengers 

What Kang does next is just a sheer show-off of his powers. He shows the wasp and other Avengers that gather at the spot, which includes our very dear Iron Man, Spider-Man, and also Vision as a small part of his plan to conquer Earth.

  • This part of the plan includes Radioactive beings destroying the planet earth to conquer it on their own terms. We see that those Radioactive beings kill Tony Stark as his Iron Suit is split open.
  • Not only that, but the Radioactive beings also kill Vision as his lifeless body lies on the ground. Beside Vision, lies the torn-off mask of Spider-Man, indicating that he will also be killed if he decides to fight against him.

As the Avengers and the U.N officials watch, Kang shows them alternate realities as to how he can bring death to Earth. The audacity of Kang is just mind-numbing, right?
He asks the Avengers and the U.N. officials “are you ready to fight against forces that you have no defense against because you did not even know that they existed?”

Kang’s ship is attacked in the meantime by the U.N.

The Secretary General of the U.N. finds an opportunity and fires missiles on Kang’s ship. But it fails since his ship is protected by an energy field. Looking at this Kang goes on to say that he knows how to protect his ship and people, against earth’s backward technology.

  • He declares that he is not here for assisting Earth but to take control of it.
  • He then wants to enhance the human race through genetic mutation.

Villains that we might get to see in this movie

The Presence is a villain that controls the green Radioactive beings. So, in the beginning, half of the movie, the Avengers are fighting other villains. Such as the Presence rather than fighting Kang.Glam made by the Deviants.

What happens next with Kang?

  • Kang becomes the first supervillain to successfully conquer Earth. Hurts right?
  • Well, in the comics, he is later defeated by Captain America in a one-on-one fight and is then imprisoned.
Avengers Kang Dynasty
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  • But Kang is rescued from the prison by his son, Marcus. What happens next?
  • Kang kills his only son thinking that Marcus ruined his perfect ending to the story and is then saddened by the fact that he has no heir left for his dynasty anymore.
Avengers Kang Dynasty
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Well, the Kang arc almost ends at this point. The storyline here is basically from the comics as the real movie is to be released in 2025 and not much information is out about it. But, we may also get to see Thor in the fight against Kang! So that is another great news. So, let’s hope for the best, shall we? A proper banger is coming in 2025 and that is ” Avengers Kang Dynasty”.

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