Scientist Mark Stokes final tweet
Image courtesy of Twitter @StokesNeuro

Dr. Mark Stokes’ death has evoked grief in his loved ones and many people on the internet. He was a leading personality in the field of neuroscience and his input as a researcher shall always be remembered.

Neuroscience Dr. Stokes death + Final Tweet
Image courtesy of Twitter @StokesNeuro

Who was Mark Stokes?

Dr. Mark Stokes was an internationally renowned scientist and a neuroscience professor at Oxford University. He researched selective attention in cognitive processes which affect people’s perspective, memory, and decision-making capacity.

  • Dr. Stokes’ tweet bidding a last goodbye to this world went viral on the Internet and even the people who weren’t acquainted with him cheered him until his last breath. The sad farewell has once again reminded people of the human capacity for kindness and affection. One could only imagine how precious this experience must have been, especially for Dr. Stokes who dedicated his life to the study of human psychology.

The last Tweet

Mark Stokes left a heartfelt farewell note on his Twitter. In the tweet, he mentions that unfortunately, it is time for him to say goodbye to the Twitter community and the world. He has been battling cancer for the past 2 years and now, it seems he doesn’t have many days left. He feels grateful for the wonderful people and will part ways from this crazy world with much love in his heart.

  • The tweet went viral and netizens across the world joined to share goodbyes and their condolences for everyone grieving. People also shared their experiences with Cancer and hoped for a safe journey for the beloved scientist.
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Dr. Stokes death + Final Tweet
Image screen grab of Facebook @GregoryHilton

Cause of death

Dr. Mark Stokes, after his fierce battle with cancer, passed away on December 19, 2022. His dear friend Gregory Hilton shared the unfortunate news through a Facebook post. He praised his friend for making the world a better place in the brief time he was part of it and shared compassionate messages from his grief-stricken family and acquaintances.

Neuro scientist Mark Stokes death + last tweet
Image courtesy of Twitter @StokesNeuro
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Dr. Stokes’s contribution to neuroscience

According to Oxford University, Mark Stokes researched attention, perception, memory power, and decision-making strength. He proposed a huge range of methods to measure and stimulate brain activity. His group was also exploring the path to connect this research to psychiatric models for mood disorders.

  • Mark has completed his education at the University of Melbourn with a BA/BSc majoring in English, Philosophy, and Psychology. He moved to the UK for his Ph.D. through Cambridge University and received an honorary MRC Career Development Fellowship in 2012.
  • Not only that, Mark was a member of the Society of Neuroscience, Campaign for Science and Engineering, and Cognitive Neuroscience Society. He was also featured in well-known Newspapers such as The Guardian and The Independent. His articles are available through the official site of Oxford University.
  • Mark posted his progress in research curated for more general audiences through his blog, The Brain Box. Here, he also shared comments on public interest topics in Neuroscience from the latest information to controversies related to his field. All of his contributions shall be remembered even after his grievous departure from the world.

Spiel Times shares its condolences with Dr. Mark Stokes‘ family and loved ones. May he rest in peace.

SOURCE: Oxford University
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