Jeon Jung-Kook
Why is "Protect Our Jungkook" trending on Twitter? (Image via Jungkook)

The trending tag of “Protect Our Jungkook” on Twitter has taken the internet by storm since it began on February 26, 2023.

The trend was started by the BTS ARMY, which is the collective name for the strong fanbase of the K-pop band. It is said to be a protest started against “Sasaeng”: the term in Korean for stalkers and obsessed followers.

It has been alleged that a section of the Sasaeng has somehow procured personal details and information about Jeon Jung-kook (famously known as Jungkook). The section has also reportedly threatened to divulge the personal information on their Instagram accounts.

The same group has also been accused of posting certain stories where they have claimed to know the identity of Jungkook’s presumed partner. This hot tea has spilled to give the band’s ARMY a major burn. So, if you’re looking to get a peak into this news, keep scrolling through the space below!

What is the drama behind the “Protect Our Jungkook” trend on Twitter?

As it turns out, in one of the leaks Jungkook is shown to be engrossed in his phone, and in another earlier in January, he is seen having dinner at a restaurant with a supposed “girlfriend” on Jeju Island. The leaks have drawn much fire from the ARMY leading them now to urge Bighit Entertainment to take the matter into its hands.

The netizens in support of Jungkook’s privacy have been much vocal about the magnitude of the situation and have called for an instant investigation regarding the stalker. The outraged ARMY claim that the true, civil fans of the pop idols do not want to invade their privacy in any way, let alone threaten to make anything public. 

Moreover, in a story that was posted by the mysterious “sasaeng,” they claim to be a “….very dangerous girl” and that they can “destroy any idol.” However, in the same story, they also claim that God gave them a “good heart” and that’s why they “don’t hurt anyone.”

The person in the post has claimed to have hired personal hackers to get access to the popstar’s image album for obtaining these pictures. The individual has also added to the distress by writing that their basic job is to publicize the truths of such idols to their fanbase. 

Other clips of Jungkook have also been shared, one of which shows him practicing at the gym, in all probability, between boxing sessions. In another post shared by the individual, they have written that no one would know about the dating life of the idol if they left social media, furthering that it is pretty hard to find someone who would give the fans the hard facts. 

All such posts have produced great anger in the fanbase towards the secret figure, causing one of them to tweet “……ARE YOU SERIOUS LEAVE HIM ALONE PROTECT OUR JUNGKOOK.” The stans of the K-pop band are actively pushing Bighit Entertainment to take charge as soon as possible since there is further reason for concern.

Numerous fans are worried about the safety of Jungkook as the suspicious account owner claimed to be in contact with more than 20 sasaengs who reportedly sell them all the information.

This was put up on the individual’s account highlights with further declarations regarding personal photographs of even Kim Tae-hyung. They have added that obtaining such information was easy for them as all they had to do was buy it monetarily from the sasaengs close to the idol.

What is your view on it? 

The matter has caused enormous anguish and worry for fans of BTS all over the globe who want nothing else but to see their pop idol coming out of this distress safe and sound. What’s your opinion on the entire situation? Here’s hoping that this article was able to help you with your queries on the topic! 


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