Rick Sanchez coming to MultiVersus, gameplay

Alrighty, listen up MultiVersus fans! We’re coming in hot with the news of a new character… who you probably know already. We had Morty and Gizmo released recently. Now, MultiVersus is adding Rick Sanchez to the star-studded roster of the game! Aside from Rick, two other characters are expected to join the line-up this season: Stripe and Black Adam. But we’ll get to focus on Rick first. By now, a certain question may be coming to mind: when is Rick Sanchez coming to MultiVersus? With that being said, stay with us here to know more about the mad scientist’s arrival in the latest brawling game!

Rick Sanchez coming to MultiVersus

This has already been confirmed, okay? The developers already told us that the mad scientist is coming to the action, fighting game. But before that, they didn’t disclose a solid release date. That all changed now that the devs made a huge announcement recently. MultiVersus has now confirmed that Rick is coming to the game tomorrow.

  • About an hour ago, MultiVersus took to Twitter to drop the bomb and confirmed the arrival of Rick Sanchez tomorrow at 10 a.m. PT. Here’s what we’ve been waiting for, Brawlers!

  • After a few weeks and month(s?) of waiting, the mad scientist finally makes his much-awaited debut in the game. Here’s a sneak peek of a few of his movesets here.
  • Rick is coming with a Yeah, Fart Bomb!, Meeseek and Destroy, and Basrick Portal Theory!

Rick leaked gameplay

It’s about time that Rick Sanchez is coming to MultiVersus, because data miners have been hard at work up until the official announcement. In this case, @LaisulMV and @multiversusie deserve a lot of gratitude for their service in bringing the latest news leading up to Rick’s arrival. We’ll list a few of their updates on the mad scientist’s arrival in MultiVersus.

  • Firstly, this is Laisul’s short clip of Rick’s updated move. Fans are discussing the move made by Rick here, and a fan suggests that this may be the Kancho move. Tony already hinted at this attack way back on September 7th through a Tweet. Check out the *supposed* Kancho attack and the Tweet below!

  • Interestingly, @multiversusie pointed out that there may have been a subtle rework on MultiVersus Rick before his final version was released. They mentioned a few changes on Rick’s files, and an allegedly new move on the card tweeted earlier. You may see the Tweet and the Rick card below too!

Rick Sanchez coming to MultiVersus move card
Image Courtesy of @multiversus via Twitter
  • At this point, you’re looking for more videos on what Rick’s moves are going to look like in the game, right? Thankfully, Laisul already got to work on that and heeded our prayers. You can see Rick’s moves in the game through this video they made here.

  • As you can see, there’s a scientific item that attacks from a distance, the two portals Rick summoned, and a few more attacks up on his sleeves.
  • According to @reslived, Player 1st Games Technical Systems Designer, on a Tweet, they mentioned Rick being a hard character to play in the game. The highest skilled character they made so far, see the Tweet below!

Are you excited to be rickety-rickety-wrecked by Rick Sanchez? See you laters!

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