BTS RM released his solo album way back late last year. A lot happened given that we are just two months in for 2023. The wait finally ends for the ARMYs last night at 12-midnight KST. After a long while of waiting, another BTS member makes their solo debut. BTS Jimin drops solo album’s latest update for his most awaited and upcoming debut. If you’re excited, then so are we, so here’s the release date, pre-order details, album inclusions, and updates on BTS Jimin’s upcoming solo album, FACE, we need the new music right away!

BTS Jimin’s solo debut album

Starting from the news circulating early this year, now the announcement capped it off. The solo debut of Jimin is definitely coming and ARMYs are hyped up.

  • In an hour and a half, the Twitter announcement of the coming of FACE from BIGHIT MUSIC’s official account garnered 2.7 million views.
BTS Jimin solo album, FACE
Image Courtesy of @BIGHIT_MUSIC
  • Yup, you read that right too. BTS Jimin’s upcoming album entitled FACE should be in a month! Additionally, there’s so much to wait for this debut. Recently, he collaborated with BIGBANG’s Taeyang and dropped the single VIBE.

Release Date

If the social media announcements were not enough, the release time and date of the debut came out accordingly as well. Park Jimin’s FACE arrives on March 24, 2023, at 1 P.M. KST and 12 midnight EST, so might as well clear your schedule if you can (we’re just kidding, unless?)

  • Earlier this month, BTS Jimin dropped a hint in a live broadcast that his first-ever solo album may drop around March. And now, it’s finally coming and all we have to do is wait for the upcoming teasers and concept photos!

First teaser

Along with the confirmation announcement of BTS Jimin’s solo album, a 35-second teaser introduced the FACE solo album. The short teaser simply hints at a possible underwater concept or a reflection concept if we talk about the album title FACE.

  • According to BIGHIT MUSIC’s statement on the solo album release via Weverse, the FACE solo album would be about Jimin fully facing himself as he starts anew and his next step as a solo artist.
  • Moreover, BIGHIT states that various activities and performances would be showcased during Jimin’s solo debut, so ARMYs, we know what to do! Let’s give our full support and love to Jiminie on his upcoming solo album release.

How to Pre-order?

Included in the BIGHIT MUSIC’s statement, the pre-order for the FACE solo album comes to ARMYs right away. On Wednesday, February 22, 2023, at 11 A.M. KST, the pre-order for Park Jimin’s solo album opens. Certainly, here’s how and where you can pre-purchase FACE.

  • The FACE album can be bought directly from the Weverse Shop. You may choose whether you’re from the U.S., Japan, or other Global countries. Just head to the BTS Weverse Shop tab to find Jimin’s solo albums.
BTS Jimin solo album, how to pre-order
Photo Courtesy of Weverse Shop
  • There are two available CD album versions: Invisible Face, and Undefinable Face. BIHIT MUSIC also adds a Weverse Album that instead of a CD, would require you to just scan a QR Code to play the album.
  • You can purchase the FACE CD album versions randomly on the Weverse Shop. If you wish to purchase the CD album versions as SET, just add them to your cart. Moreover, you can buy the Weverse Albums Version as well if you’re in for some less waste management. But if you just can’t get enough of all the versions, it’s just a one-click purchase for you!
  • Here’s a pricelist to help you decide on which albums you’ll be buying for BTS Jimin’s solo. Do take note that these are just base prices, not inclusive of the shipping fees.
Album Variations Price
FACE Solo Album (Random) $17.18
FACE CD Album version (Set) $34.37
Weverse Albums Version $11.14
FACE CD Album Set + Weverse Albums $45.52

Album Inclusions

For easier navigation, we also added the album inclusions of Jimin’s FACE album that you may need just in case you opt to buy yours. Pretty sure ARMYs would find this album aesthetically thought of by Jimin himself. We can’t wait to get a hand on it!

FACE Jimin, album inclusions
Image Courtesy of Weverse Shop
FACE CD Album Version
    • Photobook
    • CD
    • Photo Card A (3 each album, 1 out of 2 versions)
    • Photo Card B (Random, 1ea out of 3 versions)
    • Post Card (1 out of 2 versions)
    • Large Post Card (1 out of 2 versions)
Weverse Albums Version
    • Outer Box
    • Wrapping Paper
    • Booklet
    • Lyrics Paper
    • User Guide
    • QR Card
    • Writing Note
    • Photo Card (Random, 1 out of 2 versions)

Now that you know the album inclusions for Jimin’s solo album FACE, ready to add to the cart? And that’s about everything for BTS Jimin’s upcoming solo release entitled FACE, have you placed your pre-order now, ARMYs?

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