When will Stripe come to MultiVersus, what we know so far
New character drop alert: MultiVersus Stripe! But first, how are Rick and Morty doing? Have you played with the famous duo together? Do you prefer another known duo, but this time with a hint of a complicated relationship? Somewhat enemies to teammates kind of story, are you up for that? Because as we go to the new character drop alert, whether you like it or not, it’s happening! It isn’t a surprise that new characters are coming to the game, but are you curious when will Stripe come to MultiVersus? The Gremlins character arrives in the game, here’s what we know so far!

When will Stripe come to MultiVersus?

If you have not followed MultiVersus on its socials, you may need a quick report. We’ll write a timeline of what we know about Stripe’s arrival in the game.
  • Late last week, on October 7th, MultiVersus posted a Tweet about Gizmo. They even mentioned Tony Huynh about Gizmo getting wet, here’s the Tweet. So, it hints at something already, right? Oh, do you know what happens when Mogwais get wet?

  • This. This happens when they get wet. An hour passed after the first Tweet, Gizmo may have multiplied already. Gizmo getting wet results in having a bunch more fur balls around. And the Mogwais? Yup, they are hungry, and maybe a fried chicken would do the work?

  • We thought it was the last teaser for Stripe that day, but MultiVersus may have other things in mind. A few hours after the second hint of Stripe’s arrival, they may have hinted at what everyone’s been waiting for. So something happened, and the question ‘when will Stripe come to MultiVersus’ was answered.

  • MultiVersus may have confirmed when will Stripe come to MultiVersus in the above Tweet. We can expect the rival of Gizmo to arrive in the game this week! Be sure you’re ready for any drops because they’ll probably do it when you are caught off-guard. Also, read below to get more information about Stripe!

About Stripe

MultiVersus wanted to surprise us, we’re pretty sure about that. They posted this Tweet the next day, are you surprised or you expected that to come right away? In a span of less than a day, they hinted at Stripe, confirmed Stripe, and in a way, showed Stripe to the players. On October 8th, they dropped Stripe’s card!

When will Stripe come to MultiVersus move card
Image Courtesy of @multiversus via Twitter
  • Stripe’s card confirms that the character belongs to the Assassin class. And in case you’re curious about what more we have here, data miner @LaisulMV has something up on his sleeves. Check out the Tweet below! They may have retrieved an SFX recording of Stripe’s moveset which leads to the list of possible attacks of Stripe and what he uses:
    • A gun: You may peek at his card, the Sharpshooter attack confirms this.
    • Sawblades/Sawblade missile: This may be the Chain(saw) Reaction on the card.
    • A skateboard
    • A Time Bomb
    • Kick
    • Bite
    • Slash: Check out his move Nasty Swipes where Stripe does a combo of claw swings and a bite at the end.

Ready to welcome MultiVersus’ first villain? Gizmo caca!

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