When will the Sony PlayStation 5 Pro be available

Hey, gamers! Sony PlayStation may have a lot of exciting news for its fans for this year. Aside from the fact that gamers have been waiting for a PlayStation 5 restock, and the newest and upcoming DualSense Edge controller, what more can we expect from Sony? Many iterations have been talked about online, including PlayStation 5 with a separate external drive, the latest model CFI-1202, and now there’s a question: When will the Sony PlayStation 5 Pro be available? If you have not heard of the PS5 Pro, maybe we can walk you through it here. So stay with us to know more!

When will Sony PlayStation 5 Pro be available?

Two years since Sony PlayStation 5 graced the gaming market. If we think about it, the console’s still pretty new in the list of gaming consoles. And as people wait for the restock, it brought them curious about the other upcoming PlayStation 5 console, including the PS5 Pro.

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  • Let’s get straight to the point, we think this year is a bit early to expect a PS5 Pro coming our way. Although, if we based speculation on some reports, a 2023 to 2024 release window may happen. We clearly do not want to give any false hopes, so we repeat that this is just a possibility.
  • A year ago, YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead shared a 22-minute clip about the possible design of PlayStation 5 Pro. They believe (and positively claim) that Sony currently works on the PS5 Pro. The release would be most likely in 2023 and maybe would cost around USD 600. If they reveal a price of $600, it would make the Sony PlayStation 5 Pro cost $200 more than the former Pro iterations.

Speculated release date

  • If we compare the arrival of the PS4 Pro to the market, it came out three years after PS4’s release. 2023 would be the perfect time for the PS5 Pro arrival, three years after PS5’s release too. Lots may expect a 2023 release, but we are leaning toward a 2024 release window. As the reason for our expected release year, there may have been delays brought on by the global pandemic, and maybe some environmental concerns on the side of Sony too.
  • Going back, after a year of the YouTuber’s video, Sony has not addressed the possibility of the PS5 Pro yet. Moreover, it would be safest to wait for the official confirmation from Sony about the PlayStation 5 Pro. If these are true, well you may want to keep your wallets ready for the console’s arrival.
  • Also, we might see a PlayStation 5 VR2 arriving first, then followed by the CFI-1202. Sony expects to release the VS2 “early next year”, so maybe around Q1 of 2023. As for the CFI-1202, Australia, and Japan has been the first countries to introduce the lighter and newer PlayStation 5 model. This leads the Pro to probably be introduced by next year and released a year after next.
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Speculated designs

No hint of any design surfaced online about the Sony PlayStation 5 Pro, so LetsGoDigital and Jermaine Smit took it into their own hands. They may have an idea of how the PS5 Pro and the PS5 Slim (they’re so extra, we love it!) would look so fine, so here’s what they got!

  • The following are the White variant and the Black variant of the PS5 Pro they designed.
When will Sony PlayStation 5 Pro be available, Concept Creator, LetsGoDigital
Image Courtesy of LetsGoDigital
When will Sony PlayStation 5 Pro be available, Concept Creator, LetsGoDigital 2
Image Courtesy of LetsGoDigital
  • If you’re curious about Concept Creator’s (Jermaine Smit) PS5 Slim design, you may refer to their YouTube video below!

Here’s what we got, players! Are you Pro-ready?

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