Another alleged Photoshop fail raises concerns for Kate Middleton

Where is Kate Middleton Another alleged Photoshop fail raises concerns

Just when we thought Kate Middleton’s Photoshop fiasco was over, another photograph of Princess Catherine and Prince William in a car together is raising doubts.

Another edited image?

People all over the internet are looking deeper into Princess Catherine’s public appearances, particularly the photographs released. Now that they have admitted to altering the image, many are doubtful and skeptical of any images with Kate Middleton.


It appears that the most recent photo of Princess Kate Middleton may have been manipulated -once again

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A handful of TikTok users are also ‘debunking’ the latest photo of Kate Middleton with Prince William. Allegedly, it’s another altered image using Kate’s old photo. Take a look at the video below.

Concerns for Kate Middleton’s Health and Safety

The Royal Family is known for being private about health matters. This lack of information can fuel speculation and worry, especially when a public figure like Kate Middleton is suddenly out of the spotlight. Social media often speculate about the reasons behind her absence. Here are a few of the theories that are going around the internet space:

  • Kate might have had a miscarriage.
  • She got a facelift.
  • She is still recovering from her abdominal surgery.
  • Prince William and Princess Catherine might be having marital issues.

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Kate’s Last Public Appearance Timeline

  • January 17, 2024:

    • Kensington Palace announces Kate Middleton underwent a planned abdominal surgery. The statement mentions the surgery was successful and she will remain hospitalized for 10-14 days. Most importantly, the statement says it’s unlikely she will return to public duties “until after Easter.” (Easter in 2024 falls on March 31st)
  • January 18 – March 13, 2024:

    • Kensington Palace does not release official updates regarding Kate Middleton’s health or return to public duties. News outlets and social media might report on speculation about her whereabouts, but the Royal Family does not confirm.
  • March 13, 2024 (Present Day):

    • As of today (March 31st), Easter has not yet arrived. Based on the initial announcement, Kate Middleton might not return to public duties until after Easter.


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