The vast expanse of the internet is filled with a brim of Florida Man memes. “Florida man this”, “Florida man that” has been quite a normal part of the meme industry. But when reality shakes things do feel quite harsh if the Florida incident includes someone you know or love. Samantha Fiddler’s loved ones, mainly her sister and three children would recount the same if asked about where she is. A recent docuseries on professional wrestler Teddy Hart has once again sparked interest in this subject matter.

The horrifying answer is, nobody knows where she is six years after her disappearance.  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has continually been in search of Samantha Fiddler – an aspiring wrestler from Alberta, Canada.

  • Samantha had decided to move to Florida in hopes of flourishing in the Professional Wrestling or MMA segment.
  • She may have wished to rely on her ex-boyfriend Teddy Hart who has made a few rounds around the internet with his new documentary.

Teddy Hart’s documentary brings Samantha Fiddler’s missing story out to many

Teddy Hart
Teddy Hart in his documentary, image courtesy of Peacock

The documentary is a series of three episodes by Canadian filmmaker Frederick Kroetsch and focuses on the life of professional wrestler Hart.

  1. The docuseries by Canadian filmmaker Frederick Kroetsch focuses on the life and career of professional wrestler Teddy Hart, whose real name is Edward Ellsworth Annis.
  2. Named as Dangerous Breed: Crime. Cons. Cats, the series premiered on the Peacock app on November 22 and have reinstated the status of Teddy Hart’s ex-girlfriend into the public mind.

The documentary does this by featuring the dearest and beloveds of Samantha Fiddler and asking them about Fiddler’s current possible situations. Six years post her disappearance, her family members still know only little about where she could possibly be.

Where is Samantha Fiddler now? Is she safe?

Samantha Fiddler's Disappearance
Samantha, image courtesy of
  • In a report by Yahoo Entertainment, they noted that Samantha was last seen in the early daytime of November 19, 2016. Interestingly she had only been released from her jail time on the same day.
    • In Polk Country Jail in Bartow Florida, Samantha had been serving prison time for an earlier arrest of trespassing charges.
  1. In the documentary, April Fiddler came up and mentioned how close she was to her sister. April mentioned that her sister wouldn’t straight up leave like that, she wasn’t that kind of a woman.
  2. Her ex-boyfriend Teddy Hart also commented something similar in the documentary, saying that she wouldn’t leave her three children like that.

Is Teddy Hart a possible suspect?

Teddy Hart documentary
image courtesy of youtube channel of
Title Match Wrestling

Teddy Hart, as it seems, was cast out of the suspicion early into the investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. This was done primarily because he had a strong alibi, and was confirmed to be in Texas during the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend.

  • Teddy Hart mentioned that by the time she served jail time, they had already broken up. They were close, but after the breakup, they did not maintain any contact.
  • Teddy had nonetheless moved into Texas whereas Samantha Fiddler remained in Florida with hopes for a future in Pro Wrestling.

Have the police investigation led any clues to Samantha Fiddler’s Disappearance?

Samantha Fiddler
Samantha Fiddler featured in the Docuseries, image courtesy of Peacock

The police have reportedly done multiple interviews with many known relatives of Samantha. Both in Florida and in Canada, yet the leads seem to lead to nowhere. Samantha Fiddler’s sister April also reported that the former ghosted prior to the disappearance.

  • Fiddler had suddenly left all her social media and anyone trying to contact her could not reach her.
  • Samantha was quite active on her social media prior to her going missing. Samantha’s family all came to the same conclusion – that she couldn’t have done this voluntarily.

As such it leaves multiple questions, where is she now? is she safe?

Who to contact if you get to know anything about Samantha Fiddler’s current status

The answers to these questions are as unknown to us as they are to you. But on the off-chance you do get to know anything related to her, you are requested to contact

the Florida State Law Enforcement’s Tampa Office at (800) 226-1140.

The local law enforcement also prays that through her mentioning in the documentary on Teddy Hart, the story will reach many people. And maybe someone who happens to know anything will come open to the call of rescue.

What do you think happened to her? you can always discuss it down below.

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