Lord Miles missing in Afghanistan (Image courtesy of Lord Miles)

The Taliban government in Afghanistan confirmed that infamous YouTuber Lord Miles is missing and that they are actively searching for him. The content creator whose original name is Miles Routledge was last seen on March 6, according to the government. The notorious YouTuber is popular for traveling to dangerous locations around the world as a part of his vlogs.

Lord Miles’ habit of visiting highly dangerous places has drawn in a lot of controversy from the public. However, this time the consequences seem to be more serious than mere online criticism. The 23-year-old YouTuber’s last shared video came on March 5 from Brazil and since then he has been inactive on his channel. This has raised a lot of concern among his fans.

Taliban confirms that YouTuber Lord Miles is missing 

The most recent update in the missing case of Lord Miles came from a Twitter account called Taliban Public Relations Department Commentary. The account doesn’t seem to be verified with a blue tick but that could be because the Taliban government is not recognized globally yet. 

It is also possible that the handle is a parody account, thanks to the nature of its tweets but one could never guess with an organization as arbitrary as Taliban.

The tweet said that Lord Miles’ last sighting was on March 6 somewhere in Eastern Afghanistan. They have also informed the UK Embassy in Islamabad. In another tweet, they stated that Lord Miles’ disappearance is still a missing persons case rather than a kidnapping.

Authorities have narrowed down Miles’ location near the Wakhan corridor near the Chinese frontier. Lord Miles’ subscribers and fans had already been concerned with his inactivity since his last video in Brazil on March 5. The tweets came as a shock as they all prayed for his safe return.

Lord Miles’ visit to Afghanistan during the Taliban takeover

One could argue that Lord Miles rose to fame because of Afghanistan, the country where he’s currently missing. During the Taliban’s takeover of the government in 2021, Miles happened to be there. He was one of those who were evacuated to Dubai back then. 

During his previous visit, he made an exclusive vlog with members of the Taliban. In the chilling video, Miles goes shooting with them. He has penned a book about his experiences in Afghanistan. 

Miles had not announced his return to Afghanistan on any platform. His last known visit was to the dangerous Snake Island in Brazil from where he posted the video two weeks ago.

Who is Lord Miles and why is the YouTuber popular?

Miles Routledge is a student and banking intern from Birmingham, UK. Despite his ongoing study at Loughborough University, Miles found his calling in his YouTube channel. He visits the most dangerous places on Earth “for fun”, according to his bio.

YouTuber Lord Miles missing Afghanistan Taliban
Image courtesy of Miles Routledge

In the past, his vlogs have been shot from places with conflict and unrest including Afghanistan, South Sudan, Ukraine and Snake Island. Lord Miles has been subject to a lot of criticism for his dangerous travel vlogs.

This is because he often needs to be rescued from wherever he goes, which puts the people saving him at unnecessary risk. He publicizes the people’s identities working in ground zero and jeopardizes their lives.

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