Where to Watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace Documentary?
The Curious Case of Natalia Grace is an unsettling documentary (Image via ID)

Natalia’s adoptive family members give never-before-seen interviews and make shocking admissions in The Curious Case of Natalia Grace. Father Michael Barnett, brother Jacob Barnett, and various family members, associates, and neighbors offer their viewpoints. They also shed light on the puzzling circumstances surrounding her true identity. The docu-series is an opportunity to follow the twists and turns of this compelling narrative. You can look for the answers and sort through the allegations and denials surrounding Natalia.

The series offers a chance to solve the baffling case of Natalia’s true identity and the developments inside the Barnett family. As the docu-series premieres on the Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel, viewers are asked to participate in the pursuit of the truth by analyzing the compelling data and first-hand stories that illuminate this remarkable case.

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace – Platform, release date, release time, and more 

In the recently released docu-series, The Curious Case of Natalia Grace, get ready to explore the intriguing enigma surrounding Natalia Grace. This documentary gives viewers unprecedented access to and insider knowledge into the mysterious story that made headlines worldwide.

Natalia was initially thought to be an orphan with a rare bone growth disorder. However, her adoption took a dramatic turn as alarming charges surfaced. It finally resulted in a confusing inquiry and a web of unsolved issues.

When can you watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace?

The program’s first episode aired on Monday, May 29, 2023. The following episodes were released on May 30 and May 31 from 9 to 11 p.m. (EST).

You can watch the exclusive interview to learn more about the intricate circumstances that led to the Barnetts’ astonishing accusations and the ensuing legal actions. Check your local listings to ensure you don’t miss an episode of this compelling documentary series.

Where can you watch the series?

Where can you watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace?
Where can you watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace? (Image via ID)
  • The Curious Case of Natalia Grace can be accessible to stream on Max and Discovery+. You can access Max for as little as $9.99/month if you need a subscription. At the same time, the lowest plan of Discovery+ costs $4.99 per month. If you wish for an ad-free version, opt for the $6.99 monthly subscription.
  • If you have a working cable login, you can access the Investigation Discovery website or app to watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace live or on demand.
  • You can also stream the docu-series on the following platforms if you have active subscriptions for fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, or YouTube TV. Moreover, free trials are available for qualifying users on fuboTV and YouTube TV, so check it out.

What is the true story of Natalia Grace?

According to Investigation Discovery, the central mystery of the three-part documentary is “Who is Natalia Grace?” Way back in 2010, Michael and Kristine Barnett adopted Natalia. She was first believed to be a 6-year-old Ukrainian orphan with spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita.

However, the Barnetts made accusations against Natalia, claiming she was an adult disguising herself as a child with the intent to cause harm to their family. This entire incident turned the family dynamic on its head.

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