Who is Bada Lee? Street Woman Fighter 2 Leader goes Viral on social media

Who is Bada Lee from Street Woman Fighter season 2?

The latest season of Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter, which brought the dancers of the South Korean scene in front of the public, is aiming to go onto the global stage with a new set of dance crew. Among the eight teams, BEBE, led by the charismatic leader Bada Lee, is going viral among the fans with Lee’s dance challenge Smoke. Let’s learn more about her.

Who is Bada Lee?

Bada Lee is a South Korean dancer currently participating in Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter Season 2 with her dance crew BEBE. While her choreographies are extremely popular among K-pop fans, her latest formation of Smoke (Prod Dynamicduo and Padi) for the leader line in the show’s class mission is going viral over social media.

  • With catchy, simple, and witty moves, she has not only managed to win the hearts of viewers but also added her name to the past winners of the leader group class mission challenge, including NO: ZE’s ‘Hey Mama’ and Vata’s ‘New Thing.’
  • However, this feat isn’t new for the 28-year-old dancer. Hailing from the Just Jerk Academy, she has worked with many K-pop artists and become a star choreographer.
  • If you do not watch SWF Season 2, maybe you found Bada Lee on your TikTok For You Pages. A lot of fan fiction and edits have been circulating about this girl-cush dancer and choreographer. If you want to know more, then we’ve got you.

Bada Lee’s choreographies

BEBE’s Bada Lee is debatably most famous for her choreography for aespa’s Next Level. However, the roots of her artistry are deeper than that. She has previously worked with plenty of K-pop artists due to her swaggy new hip-hop moves.

  • The professional dancer has worked with GOT7 Yugyeom, NCT Taeyong, and Ten. Additionally, she choreographed WayV’s Action Figure, EXO Jekyll, Ten and Monsta X Shownu’s 2020 MBC Music Festival special stage, Taeyong’s Zoo, and more.
  • Bada is also well known for working with EXO Kai on his solo album, where she went viral for her relaxed chemistry with the K-pop artist on the stage. To add more to her list of great experiences, she has also worked with CL as a backup dancer.
  • After being the attractive dancer that fans felt curious about, she leads her team BEBE in SWF 2 as the girl-crush leader with an impeccable style.

Who is Bada Lee’s alleged boyfriend?

After going viral for her Smoke dance choreography, Bada Lee became the topic of discussion on social media. In light of this next level of fame, WikiTree reported on the romantic life of the attractive dancer.

  • They reported that she is dating her long-time boyfriend and fellow dancer, Just Jerk’s Howl. The Street Man Fighter’s fans might remember him as the center for Rain’s Domestic choreography mission.
  • The site reports that both have dated for a long time and frequently uploaded images of their trips together on their social media handles.

  • Additionally, Howl recently posted a cover of Bada’s Smoke choreography. The viral song’s video included many comments from fans praising him as a supportive boyfriend, and Bada also praised her senior dancers by commenting that they killed the performance.
  • Following the successful class mission, fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming episodes of Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter season 2 to catch the first elimination and fierce battles among the eight crews, including BEBE, 1Million, Jam Republic, Wolflo, Lady Bounce, Deep N Dap, Tsubakill, and MANNEQUEEN.

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