Who is Brittany Renner? Viral Video circulates after giving Charleston White a Lap Dance

Brittany Renner Charleston White lap dance

NBA star PJ Washington’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Renner has caught public attention after giving a lap dance to Charleston White. The incident happened during an episode of The Danza Project podcast as the Instagram influencer did not hold back from performing a steamy dance for the internet comedian. The clip has gone viral on social media platforms as many have questioned why she would do something like this in a candid interview. Let’s take a look at the viral video of Brittany Renner’s lap dance for Charleston White and find out more.

Brittany Renner’s lap dance for Charleston White

The latest episode of The Danza Project podcast went off the rails, to say the least. A viral clip from the show features an unexpected provocative exchange between Brittany Renner and Charleston White. 

During the show, the comedian spoke about never having been ‘wet’ and that is where Brittany Renner decided to step in. She stood up from her seat and surprised Charleston White with a lap dance. Even the host seemed taken aback as he said they weren’t ‘shooting for this’.

She paused for a moment to splash water from a bottle on both the 50-year-old comedian and the show’s host. Her actions may have even damaged the podcast recording equipment. Then, she returned to show off her moves in front of the camera.

Charleston White seemed to be in a state of bizarre surprise and amusement throughout the viral clip of Brittany Renner’s lap dance for him. An off-camera host brought the podcast to a halt mainly to protect the equipment and go private from the sleazy display.

Brittany Renner and PJ Washington’s relationship

There is a certain section of social media celebrities who build their fame based on who they are close to. Brittany Renner seems to be one of them. The Instagram influencer rose to fame mainly thanks to her high-profile relationship with PJ Washington.

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In fact, she shares a child with the NBA and Charlotte Hornets star. Brittany Renner began dating PJ Washington in 2021 and broke up the following year. The 31-year-old Brittany Renner is six years older than the 25-year-old PJ Washington.

When they separated, the basketball star vaguely tweeted that ‘someone was faking it all along,’ taking a dig at his relationship with the influencer. Brittany Renner was accused of entrapping PJ Washington into parenthood.

However, she defended her position on a podcast with DJ Akademiks and claimed that the decision to raise a child was mutual. Brittany and Washington first met when he was playing basketball at the University of Kentucky.

Social media reactions

As expected, Brittany Renner’s lap dance for Charleston White on The Danza Podcast led to strong reactions from social media users. Some have even accused Brittany of being high and under the influence of some heavy drugs on the podcast.

Others commented about her former relationship and claimed that PJ Washington was right about her. Brittany Renner has also been associated with other celebrities like James Harden and Lil Uzi Vert, which has made her relevant just like her viral clip.

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