Who is Chad Michael Busto? Drew Barrymore exits stage after alleged ‘stalker’ approached

Drew Barrymore Chad Michael Busto stalker stage

It seems like it’s heckler season, as Drew Barrymore just became the victim of the latest unwanted stage guest fiasco. The actress and TV show host faced an unruly disruptor from the crowd who goes by the name of Chad Michael Busto. However, it wasn’t just any usual intruder, as they seemed to know each other. The incident happened in New York, where she hosted a special event with actress and singer Reneé Rapp. Let’s take a look at who Chad Michael Busto is and understand why Drew Barrymore exited the stage after the alleged stalker approached her.

Drew Barrymore’s stalker incident explained

A viral video of the incident where the alleged stalker Chad Michael Busto approaches Drew Barrymore out of nowhere has been circulating online. The 48-year-old host was busily engaged in conversation on stage with her special guest Reneé Rapp.

The man appeared to emerge from the crowd as he swiftly walked towards the stage and called out Drew Barrymore by her name. The startled actress tried to identify as he claimed his name was Chad Michael Busto, as confirmed by other attendees at the event. 

Surprisingly, the Charlie’s Angels actress seemed to recognize her alleged stalker as she looked into the crowd. The man continued speaking to her from a distance as he said she knew him. He said he needed to see her at some point while he was in New York.

Reneé Rapp immediately rushed to Drew Barrymore’s side and escorted her safely off the stage. A few minutes after, event security removed the heckler, and the host and the guest returned and continued their interaction.

Who is Chad Michael Busto?

Vigilant netizens did their best to uncover Chad Michael Busto’s identity quickly. According to some reports on social media platforms, the man is a full-fledged stalker. He has several Twitter accounts and often indulges in creepy and disruptive incidents like this. 

Some have claimed that the man used to stalk actress Amber Heard. He has published videos of himself asking for her hand in marriage. However, it is unclear if this is the same Chad Michael Busto who allegedly stalked Drew Barrymore at her event.  

Other users have posted detailed threads of Chad Michael Busto’s long and alarming history of stalking people. So far, neither Drew Barrymore nor the event’s organizers have filed a police complaint against the intruder. 

What was the event about?

If not for Chad Michael Busto’s alleged stalker incident, Drew Barrymore had a memorable night at the 92nd Street Y as part of the Recanati-Kaplan Talks series. The event featured a conversation with Reneé Rapp and a performance of her new LP, Snow Angel.

When they returned to the stage to resume their conversation, Drew Barrymore thanked Reneé Rapp and praised her protectiveness, calling it ‘sexy.’ The 23-year-old singer spoke about going on Broadway and acting in the TV series, The Sex Lives of College Girls

Reneé Rapp entertained the live audience at the event as she performed three songs. The fans at the show were considerate enough not to be alarmed by Drew Barrymore’s stalker as they supported both the host and the guest.

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