Who is Deion Patterson? Police arrest prime suspect in Atlanta mass shooting that left 1 dead and 4 injured

Police arrest Deion Patterson as prime suspect in Atlanta mass shooting

Atlanta police arrested Deion Patterson, the main suspect in the Atlanta mass shooting after eight hours of search. Deion was hiding in a gated complex in Cobb County, Georgia after he fled the scene on a stolen vehicle. The suspect was found 10 miles away from the place of the shooting.

The Atlanta resident is accused of open firing in a Midtown Atlanta medical building on Wednesday, May 3. The incident caused a 38-year woman to lose her life and left four injured. The age of the injured victims ranged from 25 to 71. Three of the injured victims suffered critical injuries and were taken to the nearby Atlanta hospital.

Deion Patterson fled using an unattended vehicle near the medical center

The 24-year-old joined US Coast Guard in 2018 and worked as an Electrician’s Mate Second Class before leaving the position in January 2023. Department of Veterans Affairs released a statement regarding the incident announcing that they were working closely with the police regarding the case. The statement also said:
“Our deepest sympathies are with the victims and their families.”

According to Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Charles Hampton, Deion Patterson visited Laureate Medical Center at noon before firing rounds in the waiting area of the establishment. Reports say, he left the building on foot and later hijacked an unattended pickup truck nearby.

Traffic cameras spotted his vehicle in Cobb County just 20 minutes after he fled the scene. Cobb County Police Chief Stuart VanHoozer said in a news conference:

“Technology played a huge role, But technology doesn’t do any good without people who are determined to capture an individual that would do something like this. And today we saw where those two things came together.”

According to officials, a Waterford Place resident, Christy Colwell reported Deion’s location to 911. Christy heard barking dogs in the complex which made her suspicious. She told police the runaway could be hiding in a gazebo near the pool.

VanHoozer explained the arrest by saying:

“We prioritized that call on the radio. I believe … that an undercover officer was the one that originally saw and confronted this individual and was able to then have back-up from uniformed officers that came in and took him into custody without incident.”

The suspect visited the medical center with his mother

According to reports, Deion went to Laureate Medical Center with his mother to seek new treatment. He was unsatisfied and agitated with the care he was receiving from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Sometime during his visit, he pulled out a gun and fired shots inside the building.

The suspect’s mother, Minyone Patterson told CBS in an interview that his son was suffering from a mental illness. She said:
“He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know right now. Please. This mental illness is real, and when we say it’s real, from the medical standpoint, it is real.”

Minyone added:

“And when someone is saying they need help, or you see that they are acting out of sorts, they need help. Help them, just don’t disregard them. They need help, and as I’m trying to advocate for my son, he was turned away.”

This isn’t the first time police have detained Deion Patterson. He was arrested in 2015 for marijuana possession. After that, he was arrested twice in 2017 for probation violation. Records also show three traffic violations under his name.

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