Fox 21: Who is Vibiana Molina? Alleged Trespassing Video Goes Viral on TikTok

TikTok: Who is Fox 21's Vibiana Molina? Alleged Trespassing Video Goes Viral

A TikTok video has gone viral for capturing an alleged trespassing incident and sparked widespread curiosity about the person involved. The video shows a woman entering a neighbor’s home without their consent to make a supposed noise complaint. While the original user who posted the video does not seem to know who she is, TikTok users helped him. They identified the trespassing woman as Vibiana Molina, a former Fox 21 executive.

Exploring the Vibiana Molina trespassing video

The video was posted on TikTok by DeVante Deschwanden, who goes by the username ‘deschwanden.’ It shows a woman entering his house without his consent as he narrates his disbelief over what’s happening.

According to the caption, Deschwanden and friends were having a small rooftop concert. They had apparently notified their neighbors that it would be over by 10. Yet, the woman trespassed into his house and came all the way to their roof.

The woman appears to be casual as she claims she knew she was walking into his house. She makes a noise complaint and threatens to report Deschwanden to the owners. The situation gets worse as the woman wanders through the entire house.

In an attempt to find out who she is, Deschwanden follows her outside while filming the TikTok video and records the license plate of her BMW. However, TikTok users quickly identified the trespassing woman as Vibiana Molina, who worked at Fox 21 for a long time.  

Who is Fox 21’s Vibiana Molina?

Vibiana Molina is currently the Executive Vice President of Business Affairs at Chernin Entertainment. Before this, she held a similar role as the EVP of Business and Legal Affairs for Fox’s cable and streaming production company, Fox 21 Television Studios (California)

Molina seems to be an expert in the entertainment industry’s business and legal affairs thanks to her career history, which includes managing the operations and strategies for various series and projects. 

Vibiana Molina joined the parent company in 2005 and played a vital role in the studio’s business affairs department. She worked on projects such as Ryan Murphy’s Glee, Lee Daniels’ Star, and the critically acclaimed Empire, among others.

Social media reactions to the incident

The viral TikTok video featuring former Fox 21 executive Vibiana Molina has sparked significant backlash on social media. People are calling for Chernin Entertainment to address the situation and take appropriate action against her.

Despite the public outcry, neither Molina nor the studio has released an official statement regarding the incident. The incident has ignited a debate on boundaries and domestic privacy.

TikTok Vibiana Molina trespassing video Fox 21
Image courtesy of TikTok

The original TikTok video’s comments section is filled with people asking DeVante Deschwanden to press charges against Vibiana Molina. Since Deschwanden is Black, Molina’s trespassing could also be racially motivated

Some suggest that the incident is a reminder of how someone’s academic and professional success does not directly translate to their social behavior. Notably, the media executive is a UCLA and Columbia Law alumnus.

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