Who is Kazel Kinouchi? Actress Linked to Richard Gutierrez Denies Romance Rumors

Who is Kazel Kinouchi? Actress Linked to Richard Gutierrez Denies Romance Rumors

Kazel Kinouchi is now in hot waters for allegedly being involved in Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati’s breakup rumors. The issue about Kazel and Richard began when netizens claimed they were spotted together during the Halloween season, which the young actress herself had already denied. So, who is Kazel Kinouchi, and why is her name dragged into these malicious claims? Read on.

Kazel Kinouchi: All about the GMA 7 Actress

Coming from a Filipino-Japanese descent, Kazel Kinouchi started making a big name for herself in the entertainment scene through the reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash in 2010. From there, she started occasional appearances on TV shows, like the now-defunct anthology drama series Maalala Mo Kaya.

She also works as a TV host and a commercial model, endorsing several products, like skincare and fashion brands, among others. But one thing sets Kazel apart from her peers, it’s her versatility and ability to play different roles without breaking a sweat.

From a sweet lead star, she can be a villainous big bad, just like in the ongoing GMA drama series Abot-Kamay na Pangarap. The other projects she has been known for are Start-Up Ph, The End, A Love to Last, Pasión de Amor, Oh My G!, Be Careful with My Heart, Paraiso, and Good Vibes.

With these to her name, fans can expect to see more from this stunning actress.

Kazel Kinouchi Denies Relationship with Richard Gutierrez

Meanwhile, aside from her blossoming career, Kazel is now the talk of the town for being linked to a fellow actor, Richard Gutierrez, amid the rumors that he and his wife, Sarah Lahbati, are separated. The claims began when the two were reportedly seen with each other, along with Richard’s kids, Zion, 10, and Kai, 5. Photos of the said sightings were even making rounds online.

Many can’t help but ask Kazel if the rumors are true on her Instagram account. In the comment section of one of her posts, one fan asked if Richard and her are in a relationship, to which she firmly responded with a big “NO.”

Another commented, saying they saw the viral photos and it was disappointing, especially since Sarah was following Kazel on Instagram. “Get a life, seriously,” the actress responded.

From there, a lot of netizens started bombarding Kazel with accusations, with one asking why she and Richard were together with the latter’s kids during Halloween. Another stressed that she would continuously be blasted with questions and accusations about Richard after their photos together emerged online, accusing her of being the third party in the Richard-Sarah breakup rumors.

“3rd party issue is waving,” the netizen said.

However, by the looks of it, Kazel has stopped responding to these malicious commenters.

The Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati Breakup Rumors

Rumors about Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati breaking up began when fans noticed they weren’t posting photos on their respective online accounts as of late. The couple has been known for often showing their love for each other on social media, so the lack of it naturally sparks breakup rumors.

In fact, during the Halloween celebrations, Richard and Sarah shared respective photos with their kids, Zion and Kai. The actress even celebrated her 30th birthday in Siargao without her husband. And to add more fuel to the fire, Richard’s birthday greeting for her on Instagram was later deleted.

And despite being known for gracing special celebrity events together, Sarah didn’t accompany Richard during the Opulence Halloween Ball, which Raymond Gutierrez organized. Instead, she posted a video of herself wearing Joan of Arch’s armor outfit a few weeks before the event, saying it was her costume for the said Halloween party.

To add more evidence to their alleged separation, she wasn’t seen in Richard’s photos when he greeted his mom, Annabell Rama, on her birthday on Instagram. The last posts they made together were from August, when they attended Maja Salvador and Rambo Nuñez’s wedding in Bali, Indonesia.

So far, Richard and Sarah have yet to address the rumors surrounding their romance. And by the looks of it, fans are always on the lookout for the latest update about this issue, and Kazel’s photos with Richard came timely. Though the snap might mean nothing for the two artists, rumor-makers quickly give it a different meaning. If the rumors about Richard and Kazel were true, the actor would surely not drag his kids into this. That said, the alleged sighting might only be accidental.

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