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Notice this if you haven’t yet but Matt Murdock or Daredevil has been trending in the MCU and the social media fandom since his cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Then, he makes himself relevant as Jennifer Walter’s colleague and love interest in Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk. So, who is Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix?

let’s take a look back on who he is and his backstory and the people around him during that era and his resurrection into the MCU as… Daredevil. Who else?

The only begotten son

Who is Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, a recap
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Yes, born-again pun at its finest! 

Matt Murdock is the son of Jack Murdock, an indie boxer who only wanted to make ends meet for himself and Matt. In the first season of Netflix Daredevil, Jack ended up making a deal with a mobster who goes by the name Roscoe Sweeney, or the “Fixer” since it is his job to make money out of fixing boxing matches for Jack and other contenders. 

However, Matt saw Jack roughing up money to give to Roscoe resulting in Matt fleeing the scene leading to his accident when he tries to save an old man from getting hit by a truck carrying barrels of radioactive chemicals.

When Jack learns about his son going blind, he dedicates himself to guiding Matt. He also never makes deals with “The Fixer” again. Somehow, he still finds boxing is not enough so he goes back to Roscoe but this time pays Jack to lose the match. Jack goes against the deal and wins the fight instead, costing him his life.

Matt learns the way of the Stick

Who is Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix, a recap
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During Matt’s days as an orphan, he becomes a protege to Stick, a born-blind member of Chaste, a gang that vows to fight off The Hand. 

He trains Matt to hone his heightened senses and also how to fight, become a fearless warrior, and turns him into a guy who jumps off buildings… blind. At one point during the height of Matt’s lawyering career, Stick also uses Electra to lure him into Chaste to replace Elektra as she was becoming stubborn to fight alongside him.

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Throughout Season 2, the Defenders and Season 3, their relationship as mentor-mentee becomes blurred and complicated and Matt’s relationships with his friends became somehow toxic because of Stick’s perseverance to involve Matt in Chaste’s matters. He soon dies by Elektra’s blade.

Nelson, Murdock, and Page

Who is Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix, a recap
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As a successor to Nelson and Murdock Attorneys at law, Foggy and Matt decide to bring Page into the picture as another associate promoting her from being their office administrator. Page somehow manages to vie for the release of Frank Castle without the two knowing anything about it.

Matt now has the freedom to defend the streets and be a lawyer even with Nelson and Page knowing that Daredevil is their dearest friend, Matthew Murdock.

Crosshairs on the Kingpin

Who is Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, a recap
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Wilson Fisk or famously known as Kingpin is fearsome yet delicate in his ways. (Though, you would not think that after slamming the car door several times onto his minion’s head until it is smashed and detached from his body. Do you know that scene? Of course, you do.)

Daredevil metaphorically plays chess with Kingpin from one season to another. He has become the seasoned villain that Matt deals with in and out of suit… the Daredevil suit and lawsuit.

Fisk employs Benjamin Poindexter in the third season a.k.a. Bullseye to frame him to have people believe that the masked vigilante is a ruthless and fake hero. 


Matt, you son of a nun

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Ha! Another pun makes it through!

In the third season of Netflix Daredevil, we learn that Matt is the son of a nun with the name, 

Sister Margaret or a.k.a. Maggie Grace looked after him when he was still an orphan. She had a brief relationship with Jack thus giving birth to Matt. 

She was forced to abandon Matt due to her mental illness.

After some years, she also rescues and takes care of Matt after her son fights with the Defenders at the Midland Circle where it collapsed while he was in it. Grace and Paul Lantom(the parish priest) help Murdock regain his strength and enhanced senses, to continue his battle against Wilson Fisk

However, just as Murdock had gained his confidence, he learned the truth about his mother, causing him to abandon her. This forces Grace to care for Karen Page as Benjamin Poindexter attacks her who then proceeds to murder Lantom. Eventually, Matt defeats Poindexter as well as Fisk, and avenges Lantom’s death, as he and his mother make peace with each other, while Grace remains at the church. Thanks to her, Daredevil makes it across to the MCU.

Matt’s resurrection into the MCU

Who is Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, a recap
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All we can say now, moving forward is Matt’s rise has a bright future in the MCU. Hopefully, we can see other characters returning from the Netflix series to the new Daredevil series coming in 2024. Will it be dark like in the Netflix series? Or a little lighter? 

What most excites you now that Daredevil is in the MCU? Comment your thoughts below. Oh! I’ll leave this gem below.

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