Who is Marvel’s Ironheart?

Who is Marvel's Ironheart

Hey, Marvel fans! Have you thought of knowing all Marvel characters, especially those who are coming to the big screen? Well, we would love to introduce you to one of the upcoming characters in the MCU, the girl genius, Ironheart! This young and new character comes to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on 2023, as it drops on Disney+. Get to know who is Marvel’s Ironheart in the comics, the actress in the film, and just everything you need to know, right here, right now. Shall we start?

Marvel’s Ironheart

If you miss the late Iron Man, maybe a new genius would somehow fill the spot on your longing heart. Let’s dive into who’s Marvel’s Ironheart while we wait for it Disney+ soon!

Riri Williams

Height: 5’2″ ; In suit: 5’9″

Weight: 100 lbs. ; In suit: 250 lbs.

Powers: Genius Intelligence

Tony Stark has made his name known with his genius mind, tech-savvy armor, and a few jokes here and there. But now that Stark’s gone, will there be anyone up to be the next? And that folks, is where Ironheart enters the scene. Many wanted to be the next, but maybe the young Riri Williams would be the answer.

  • Introducing Riri Williams, a young girl from Chicago, Illinois. At the age of five and after a few tests on the side, it is believed that she is a super-genius. As she grows, her interest in technology grew too, and her admiration for Stark started too.
Marvel's Ironheart, riri
Image Courtesy of Marvel
  • Wait, how does she know Iron Man? Well, Riri and her stepfather may found themselves in a life-threatening situation during Skrull’s invasion, and Tony Stark AKA Iron Man rescued them. At the age of ten, she met her best friend Natalie Washington. A few years after, she went to college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.). The girl dreams to be an astronaut, and applies to NASA, although her age may have not permitted it. She just wanted to be like her inspiration and role model, the first African-American female astronaut.
  • At the age of thirteen, Riri may have faced the worst thing ever, the tragedy that took her life in a different direction. Riri lost her best friend and her stepfather was killed in a drive-by shooting in a park in Chicago.

The Ironheart

  • The tragic incident may have urged Riri to look at Iron Man fascinatingly. At the age of fifteen, Riri began to invent and build her own suit. The girl began to reverse-engineer Iron Man’s suit to create her own version of it. Just like Iron Man, Riri Williams remains to be a human without her suit.
Marvel's Ironheart, comics
Image Courtesy of Marvel
  • Well of course, as the story progresses, Riri AKA Ironheart gets to fight and defeat enemies. She got into M.I.T. and used their lab to enhance her armor further. She even met Doctor Strange and later on, she understood her magic. Not until everyone found out that Tony Stark died, and Riri may have lost her mentor.
  • Hmm, so far, these would be the basic things you need to learn about the upcoming young character, Ironheart. Will we get to see all of these in the upcoming Marvel’s Ironheart?

Now you know who Ironheart is, are you ready for some action soon?

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