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What broke the Internet this time? You may be wondering the exact same thing as us after logging onto apps like TikTok and Twitter and seeing people freaking out over someone with a smiley face mask. In case you weren’t in the loop, one of the most popular Minecraft content creators has finally revealed his identity. Dream is a Minecraft YouTube who is famous for wearing a mask that’s been concealing his entire face. Dream wears this mask all the time and hasn’t let anyone get a glimpse of the face underneath — until just a few days ago.

For quite some time now, Dream has been hyping his fans up for his face reveal. The Minecraft YouTuber surely started off October with a bang now that the Internet knows who the man behind the mask is. But aside from his face reveal, what exactly is it about Dream that makes him famous? Keep reading to know more about one of Minecraft’s biggest content creators.

Who is Dream?

Despite the fact that Minecraft has been out for so long, its fanbase is still growing larger with each day that passes. This has content creators like Dream wanting to capitalize on Minecraft’s popularity, especially with younger audiences.

Here’s a quick rundown of who Dream is and the role he plays in the online community of Minecraft:

  • Dream is a 23-year-old content creator for the popular sandbox building game Minecraft
  • The content creator’s real name is Clay, but he hasn’t revealed other personal information aside from this
  • If you’re familiar with other Minecraft content creators like Technoblade (RIP), Dream is at the same level as these guys
  • The smiley face mask Dream wears in all his videos sets him apart from other Minecraft content creators. Because of the mystery surrounding his identity, more and more fans were drawn in and we guess they stayed for his carefree and light personality
  • He’s also known for setting speedrun records for Minecraft

Why is Dream so famous?

A quick look at Dream’s social media accounts would have you wondering: how and why is this guy so famous?! In case you weren’t aware, Minecraft is actually pretty big on streaming platforms like YouTube. So even though Dream literally started his career three years ago, he now has over 30.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The face reveal has Dream’s numbers going nowhere but up

Dream was already popular way before he took his mask off. Although he isn’t as big as creators like Mr. Beast, there seem to be no signs of Dream stopping anytime soon. This was actually proven to be true when Dream finally uploaded his face reveal video on his YouTube channel.

  • As of writing, 26 million netizens have already watched Dream’s YouTube video of him taking his mask off
  • He also became one of Twitter’s top trending topics as the Internet reacted to the content creator finally revealing himself
Who is Minecraft YouTuber Dream and why is he famous - Face Reveal
Images Courtesy of Dream
  • Dream’s face reveal garnered mixed reactions from netizens. Some were definitely surprised while some kind of expected it. Admittedly, some of the memes born from Dream revealing what he looks like made us crack up
  • On Twitter, there are people saying that Dream bears a striking resemblance to another YouTube creator, Shane Dawson

Clay (AKA Dream) is here to stay

For casual netizens and those who aren’t a fan of Dream, you may wonder why the content creator decided to reveal his identity in the first place. The entire reason why Clay AKA Dream took his mask off is that he wants to take content creation more seriously.

Now that GeorgeNotFound, another YouTuber and Dream’s best friend, has been able to secure a U.S. visa, Dream feels like it’s time to step up his videos. The pair of best friends want to collaborate on videos once GeorgeNotFound successfully moves to the United States. For Dream, these videos would be better made if he didn’t have to hide his identity behind the famous smiley face mask.

He’s still keeping the mask, though

Clay is best known for the smiley face mask he keeps wearing in his streams and videos. Now that people know what he looks like, some may wonder if this means a new era for the content creator.

Who is Minecraft YouTuber Dream and why is he famous - Mask

At the moment, Clay doesn’t have any plans on retiring his iconic mask. It looks like the content creator would only take the mask off for collaboration videos. As for his Minecraft videos and streams, fans can still expect to see Clay wearing the smiley face mask.

The Minecraft community is growing bigger on a daily basis. Because of content creators like Clay, we can expect the game to continue being one of the top-streamed games on platforms like YouTube.

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What do you think about Dream’s face reveal literally breaking the Internet? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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SOURCE: Dream Official YouTube Channel
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