Olivia Soli in America Idol Season 21
Why is Olivia Soli's performance on American Idol Season 21 making waves? (Image via abc American Idol)

American Idol Season 21 is quite the firecracker in the show’s history already, but everything about Olivia soli has made her audition one of a kind! The 20-year-old’s rendition of Lionel Ritchie’s eternally hit track Hello more than wowed the judges – it has justifiably made her the talk of the town!

The famous reality TV show series American Idol Season 21, judged by Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie, showcased the latest episode on Sunday, March 5 at 8 pm ET. It aired on the ABC channel and documented another group of contestants auditioning in the final rounds, with everyone performing their best for the Golden Ticket to Hollywood Week. 

However, the one who stole the show was Olivia Soli, leaving the judges and viewers mesmerized. Soli earned compliments for her song delivery, with the judges opining that her pitch was perfect. The viewers too were in awe of her voice!

A look at how Olivia Soli stunned judges on American Idol Season 21

On Sunday’s episode of the ABC series, the judges ushered the contestants to a new and different audition round. Several singers delivered remarkable performances, rendering the judges speechless owing to their magnificent vocal pitches and range. A few others inspired the panel and the audience with their stories as well.

However, when Olivia Soli took the stage, the judges weren’t certainly expecting her to perform Lionel Ritchie’s own legendary single, Hello. Soli’s rendition of this hard-to-perfect song was an absolute stunner as she perfectly hit all the right notes! This garnered her a standing ovation from Katy Perry, and especially from Ritchie, who remarked, “I wanna be the first in your long career to rush the artist.” 

Ritchie, along with Perry and Bryan, were concerned that Olivia would try to mimic Ritchie’s style of singing. But, they were rather pleased to see her turn the song into a personal rendition, which made the original singer state, “You did it to perfection. I know who you are as an artist. Yes, it’s my song. Yes, I sang it. But it’s your song.”

The praise did not stop there for Soli there as he judged her performance to be the “best so far in the audition.” Meanwhile, Luke Bryan called her singing “one of the best” and Katy Perry joked about the singer coming for Ritchie’s job. Perry further added, “You really reinterpreted it. You put your own spin on it. You have a tremendous voice. So many incredible runs. You seem like you’re ready. You’re worth the shot.”

She also stated that the judges will make it a point to push the contestant harder since they are aware “there’s a diamond in there.” Soli eventually got the Golden Ticket that will catapult her future performances into Hollywood Week!

Olivia Soli’s performance makes a connection with fans 

Viewers turned to social media to show their love and support for Soli’s performance. People all across the country were amazed by her talent and believe that she could make it all the way. Here’s a peek at their priceless reactions!  

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