Who is Pokimane? Why is She popular?

Better known as Pokimane, Imane Anys is a popular Canadian-Morrocan internet personality. She is the most followed female personality on Twitch raking over 9.1 million followers. The internet celebrity is also part of the group Offline TV founded by Scarra.

POKIMANE: Imane Anys

Pokimane is a 26-year-old streamer who used to pursue Chemical Engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Her name is a portmanteau of Pokemon and Imane. For the love of streaming and the rise of League of Legends, Pokimane started streaming full time and left her Chemical Engineering studies.

Why is she popular? Short Answer.
Charismatic, Great Personality, Professional, and Consistent.
Oh… Yeah… Cats!

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POKIMANE: The Beginnings

Pokimane started officially streaming in 2013 when she first activated her Twitch account. Her streams brought viewers to her personal life, the female college student who likes make-up, cats, and games. The Gamer Life. This is the same time when the 3-year-old game, at that time, League of Legends is making waves around the world.

However, the content that Pokimane wants to deliver is being relatable. Her content does not just focus on games and her life but also on helping others. Be it on League of Legends, cosplay, unboxing, or streaming, Pokimane shares tips to help people.

In her own words during the conversation with theScore esports, “Once people really enjoy who you are and feel like some type of a connection with that. They are happy to watch you play or do just about anything”

Pokimane started on Twitch and posted highlights on her Youtube Channel. By 2015, her platforms started ramping up to unprecedented levels on Youtube and Twitch. Since streaming was not a popular career back then, Pokimane’s light bulb moment was when there were “non-endemic” sponsors supporting her channel. It means that there are sponsors despite being not related to the gaming industry are still investing in her channel.

The point at which I really saw myself taking more of a career path with streaming is when I saw sponsorships and brands, in general, come into the space. I thought it did not just legitimize the space but also show me a way to get a stable income”
-Pokimane in an interview with theScore Esports

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POKIMANE: The Full-Time Content Creator

The rising star moved to Los Angeles, California to try streaming for a year. Pokimane started living with Scarra, a retired high-caliber League of Legends player, Chris Chan, their manager, and Yoona, another content creator. This was also the time when she finally let go of her Chemical Engineering Career and become a full-time content creator and streamer.

By 2017, Pokimane has already had regular content on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch. Pokimane is a real trailblazer as she started her ASMR Youtube Channel due to popular demand. Moreover, her Instagram has a huge following already even though the platform is not popular in the gaming industry, at that time.

This was also the birth of Offline TV which was founded by Scarra but more on this later.

Image Courtesy via @pokimanelol Twitter Account

POKIMANE: Fortnite Battle Royale

From the realms of League of Legends, here comes Fornite Battle Royale. The phenomenon in 2018 and until now. Pokimane Capitalized on this latest craze and had gained more followers thru streaming regularly, consistently, and delivering you the most relatable content. While there are better players in Fortnite than Pokimane, entertainment is just her forte. The multi-faceted content creator racks up the 10th Shorty Award for Best Twitch Streamer in 2018 due to an impressive following.

While Pokimane does not have a Fornite Skin dedicated to her, Fornite asks her to make a dance for a Poki emote in-game. Maybe someday, we will have that Pokimane skin. Someday!

Image Courtesy via Pokimane Youtube Channel


Offline TV is a “content creator house” founded by Scarra. Of the original members, only Pokimane, Lily Pichu, and Scarra remained, and now joined with the new members Michael Reeves, Disguised Toast, LilyPichu, Sydeon, Masayoshi and QuarterJade

While Pokimane already vlogs her life previously and showed us the gamer life, Offline TV now presents the behind-the-scenes of a group of streamers (famous ones in this case). They are famous for their skits and challenges on their channel aside from their casual podcasts and vlogs. They are also popular for their game collaborations with other famous streamers and fans in games like Among us and Minecraft.

Image Courtesy via OfflineTV Youtube Channel


Aside from streaming and brand promotions, Pokimane joined Markiplier and Jackscepticeye in a fashion Brand named Cloak as a partner and creative director last 2020.

Along with other Offline TV members and online personalities, Pokimane cameoed on Bella Poarch’s music video Inferno in 2021.

Also in 2021, Pokimane became the Chief Creative Officer of a talent management and brand consulting firm called RTS.

Pokimane is also a Philanthropist. She is giving scholarships to gamer students every year since 2020 and does not plan to stop anytime soon.

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“If you hate me so much, why are you watching my stream for 5 hours straight?”
-Pokimane on her Twitter account
Hate her or love her. You are still watching her!

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