Who is the OnlyFans Model Kai Cenat is Suing?

Who is the OnlyFans Model Kai Cenat is Suing?

Following his recent trip to Jamaica, popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has been caught in yet another controversy involving an OnlyFans model. The issue began when private messages and compromising photos supposedly involving Cenat emerged online.

Kai Cenat’s Livestream Revelation

Cenat’s recent live stream addressed the issue and hinted at potential legal action against the model. He quickly denied involvement with an OnlyFans model, insisting that such content that leaked had happened a year ago.

So Who is the OnlyFans Model?

Meet Layla Red, the mysterious woman involved in the drama. Apparently, Layla had shared private pictures and chats with Cenat. She is an Instagram and OnlyFans model who sells adult content. Due to the nature of her material, we can only share her TikTok account.


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$50 vs $5000: What Happened?

In response to graphic images of him that surfaced online, Kai rushed to defend himself by posting his Apple Pay records for October 2023. These transactions showed that there was no debt. Later, It was found that he only gave her fifty dollars ($50) for a ride via Uber. Allegedly, Layla’s services were meant to cost five thousand dollars ($5000) but Cenat did not fulfill his promise. This infuriated Layla forcing her to turn against him by posting their s*xual encounters on social media in desperation.

Cenat’s Legal Stand

In his defense, Cenat presented evidence countering the allegations, including audio recordings and financial transactions. Despite the controversy, Cenat stood firm in his determination to take legal action, boldly asserting, “I’ll see you in court.” Social media users and fans seem to support Kai Cenat.

Where is Layla Red now?

Because Layla Red revealed personal information about the famous streamer, she was banned from Instagram. She is still active on her TikTok and X accounts.

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