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A disturbing video of a person putting a cat in a blender has since gone viral on social media sites like Twitter and TikTok. After the video has made its rounds on the Internet, many are now wondering who exactly the person behind the disturbing video is. What are their intentions for doing such a thing? Although nothing has been confirmed yet, it looks like there is good news about this after all. Users on TikTok claim that the person responsible has been identified and arrested.

Who is the person responsible for the “cat in blender” video blowing up on Twitter?

The video was first posted on an account called @scarycontent18. Since the nature of the video is very graphic, we won’t include any clips in this article as many users claim it is very upsetting and violent. What happens is that the person behind the video proceeds to put a live kitten in a blender before turning it on.

  • The video only lasts 10 seconds. At the end of the clip, whoever the person responsible for it shows a close-up of the kitten’s body.
  • There is currently no official report yet about the origin of the video. However, it seems that the Twitter account where the video was uploaded isn’t responsible for the gruesome act. After getting temporarily suspended on Twitter, @scarycontent18 has since come back. They are now asking Twitter users to help them find the person behind the viral cat video.

I hope its actually them foryou cat blender

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  • This isn’t the only video of the helpless kitten, though. There is allegedly another video that shows the person filming not done with the poor cat. The other video shows that they take out the kitten from the blender and put it in the microwave.

The person responsible for the video has allegedly been arrested

Before this news broke out, many netizens worked together to determine where the video originated. One of the clues they focused on in the video was the blender. According to some eagle-eyed viewers, the text written on the appliance was in Chinese. From this detail alone, viewers deduced that the person in the video is from China or somewhere in Asia.

The video also went viral on TikTok, with many users warning others not to check out the traumatizing clip. Even TikTok star Noah Carter has picked up the news and broadcast it to his large following.


The man responsible for the infamous cat blender video has been arrested #foryou #cat #blender @Baldnewsnetwork

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  • Carter announced the good news in his latest TikTok video. According to the influencer, they have finally found the person responsible for the video of the baby cat in the blender.
  • Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed by official news outlets, sources, or authorities. As of writing, the identity and location of the person are still unverified by authorities.

Replying to @WasThisUserNameTaken236 Rip, once again. The cold hearted person who decided to end that innocent cats life will pay.#stopanimalabbuse#catinblender

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  • Other TikTok accounts claim they know who the person responsible for the video is. According to some comments, a man from China took the video, and he is a known blogger in Bilibili. Of course, it’s important not to jump to conclusions as official sources have not verified this news.

The poor kitty who would do this😔 I hope he goes down below #greenscreen

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  • Users have also been reminded of what Luka Magnotta did back in 2010. Some users feel that the person who put the helpless kitten in the blender is a copycat of Magnotta.

What can users do to prevent videos like this from going viral?

The only way users can stop disturbing content from spreading on social media platforms is for moderators to step up. When videos like the baby cat in a blender go viral, chances are another person will take inspiration from their acts. Platforms like Twitter should also be firmer and crack down on whoever is responsible for creating or spreading gruesome videos, especially those involving animal cruelty or violence against others.

If you see content that explicitly harms animals or others, you can always use the Report function on whatever platform you’re using. That way, moderators can be informed that a video contains potentially sensitive material and they could take actions against the users.

What did you feel when you found out about the cat in a blender video? Feel free to hare your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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