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Tiger Woods is the focal point of yet another legal controversy as his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman is suing him for $30 million. The lawsuit attempts to nullify a non-disclosure agreement that Erica had signed in the beginning of her relationship with the golfer. The complaint makes no specific allegations against him, but seems to revolve around a domestic dispute and possible sexual harassment. 

Erica Herman used to work as a manager at Tiger Woods’ restaurant, The Woods Jupiter. She has been seen supporting him at his golf tournaments and events. The couple began dating in 2017 and they have never announced that they are separating. However, given the impending lawsuit, it seems that they are not together anymore.

Exploring why Tiger Woods is being sued by ex-girlfriend Erica Herman for $30 million

Reports suggest that Tiger Woods and Erica Herman stopped dating in October 2022. However, his ex-girlfriend wanted to continue living in their Florida house, which is where the NDA comes into the big picture. Erica Herman had signed this agreement with a trust owned by Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods ex-girlfriend Erica Herman lawsuit
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Furthermore, she claims that she had an oral agreement with Tiger Woods to allow her to live in his home for five more years. However, the trust’s lawyers claim that she was allowed to live only as long as she was dating the golfer. 

Now, Erica Herman has asked for $30 million in damages from Tiger Woods. In her complaint, she claimed that she was locked out of the residence and her personal belongings were removed. Furthermore, $40,000 of her cash was misappropriated.

Legal implications for Tiger Woods from Erica Herman’s claims

Erica Herman has made use of a law called the Speak Out act, which allows non-disclosure agreements to be nullified in cases of sexual assault or harassment. But why does she want to detach from the NDA? 

The agreement clearly states that any issue with Tiger Woods should be settled confidentially. By filing the lawsuit against Tiger Woods’ trust instead of the golfer individually, Erica Herman aims to argue her claims in a public forum.

The $30 million lawsuit covers consequential monetary damages, injunctive relief, and attorneys’ fees. The Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act is the binding legal document that governs this case.

Tiger Woods’ long history of legal controversies

Despite being one of the most successful golfers of all time, Tiger Woods has faced numerous legal controversies throughout his career. In 2009, Woods was embroiled in a scandal after reports surfaced that he had multiple extramarital affairs, which led to the end of his marriage in a divorce that cost him $100 million.

Other legal controversies include a DUI arrest, a wrongful death lawsuit, and a business venture related issue. While his legal troubles may have tarnished his reputation, many fans still admire his incredible talent and dedication to the sport.

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