To Harley, Iron Man’s first son, Mr. Potato Gun. To the kid who saved Tony Stark’s life almost. Who are we talking about here? We are talking about Harley, the kid with the potato gun in Iron Man 3. When Tony Stark’s house was blown off by terrorists, Tony’s suit flew him to Rose Hill, Tennessee. Where the suit ran out of charge and Tony Stark did not have anything to call back home at least. Tony somehow reaches a telephone booth and leaves a message at home. All around this time, dragging his Iron Man suit behind him. What happens next?

The kid from Iron man 3
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Tony Stark needed a Home to Stay

With international terrorists hovering over his whereabouts and no charge in his suit, Tony Stark was in desperate need of help. He somehow managed to drag his Iron Man suit to a random house in Rose Hill, Tennessee and just when started off with figuring things out, our very own Harley steps in with his potato gun.

Tony being the smart talker that he is gives quick advice to the kid about the mechanism of the potato gun and how it can be better. But guess what our dear Harley does?

  • He gives him a quick demo by shooting at a nearby glass showpiece.
  • But now Harley is out of ammo and Tony Stark points it out like a child.
  • The scene was like two children debating over something trivial and they just met.

Tony Stark can sometimes be such a child. Literally lost his house and so many suits in a terrorist attack and here he is talking to a kid about a potato gun. I mean come on my billionaire genius, pull the big boy pants up. And just like that, Tony Stark found a house in the middle of nowhere.

A friend to talk to

Harley, from Iron man 3, became that one pal Tony needed to make it through. We all need that one pal to bring us that tuna sandwich in times like these. Harley also brought Tony a limited edition watch that Harley’s sister wore as a six-year-old.

  • Harley became that one friend that Tony needed.
  • For the first time in the MCU, we saw Iron man as a father figure trying to mentor Harley against bullies and in general about life.
  • Tony too grew up mostly without his dad like Harley did so I guess Tony felt the need to fill that father figure void in Harley’s life
Harley from Iron Man 3
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Iron Man gets attacked again

In the midst of all this bonding, Iron Man was still stubborn to figure out the reality of the Mandarin. And as usual, Tony landed in trouble. In the midst of trouble, we get to see Tony’s unusual playboy skills as well as he tries to throw a cheesy one-liner on the woman who was trying to kill Tony in the midst of the attack.

  • Iron Man made sure not to get his ass whooped this time and somehow got out of the situation but guess who helped Tony Stark this time? Yes, exactly, the kid.
  • Harley did save Tony’s life once. Now that is a clean heart right there. He didn’t have to save the life of someone he met like 2 days ago but he did. That takes a good heart.

The Guilt Trip to Iron Man

After all the fight and the ruckus, there comes a scene that touches our hearts a little. Harley asks Iron Man whether he is gonna stay or leave as Harley’s father did six years ago from then. Tony tries to talk his way out of the situation and leaves the Iron Man suit behind to get charged at the garage of Harley’s place.

  • Harley was actually trying to guilt trip Tony into being this father figure he never had which somewhere breaks my heart a little.
  • Because all the little kid wanted was a father figure.

Harley takes care of the suit left behind by Iron Man

After Tony leaves to continue with his mission, Mr. Potato Gun takes care of the suit. Gives it a charge. Keeps it safe and guards it.

Harley from Iron Man 3
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  • All the while keeping in touch with Tony and eating a lot of candy.
  • He even sends the suit back to Tony in a situation where Tony was captured by the Mandarin and strapped to a metal bed carcass.
  • So, yeah it can be said that Harley did try his best to keep Tony from getting himself killed.

Iron Man sends his regards

After having defeated the Mandarin, Iron man doesn’t really forget about Harley. I mean he could have, right? But apparently, our dear superhero dad likes his children too much. Be it, Peter, Morgan, or Harley. Our ears would have loved to hear, “I love you 3000” from Peter and Harley as well. But what to do, maybe it wasn’t in the MCU stars or in our stars maybe.

  • In fact, it is seen that one day Harley comes back from school only to see that his whole garage got an upgrade. Top to bottom.
  • New computers, fancy science tech gadgets, new furniture, etc., and a card from Tony Stark saying, “Your Pal, The Mechanic.”

Their screen time together was really less compared to the other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but can we just stop for a moment and appreciated the bond that we get to see between Tony and Harley? Apparently, Peter was not the first son of Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was Harley.

Let’s just admit it, we have all wanted a father figure like Tony Stark as a child. And suddenly, our little Harley found a father figure in Tony Stark. So, to me, it was totally expected that we would get to see a grown-up version of Mr. Potato gun in the ending scene of Avengers End Game.

Iron Man's Funeral
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Because a son would visit his dad’s funeral. That is a given. Seems like Tony had two sons, Peter and Harley. Tony was all over the place and a complete mess but we will love him till the end of our time, won’t we? Love you 3000, Tony.

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