William Ruto

The Republic of Kenya recently held its presidential elections on August 9, Tuesday. A total of four candidates were seeking to win the highest position. They are William Ruto, Raila Odinga, George Wajackoyah, and David Mwaure. However, the battle was tight with only two of the candidates.

Only William Ruto and Raila Odinga are the top two candidates with a very close fight. The close fight between the two was later on confirmed making Ruto the winner of the Presidential elections. With the current 54 million population of Kenya, Ruto got a total of 7,176,141 votes which is an overall 50.5%. While Odinga got 6,942,930 votes which is an overall 48.8%.

After winning the presidential elections, Ruto is going to make his inauguration on September 13, Tuesday. He is also to be the fifth president of Kenya since it became a Republic country in 1963. Moreover, let’s get to know the upcoming president-elect of Kenya.

William Ruto, the upcoming fifth president of Kenya

Early days in Politics
  • William Ruto was born December 21, 1966, and grew up in a rural village in Rift Valley in Kenya. He studied botany and later got his doctorate in plant ecology. However, got his interest in politics after meeting with president Daniel Arap Moi back in 1992.
  • Moi then introduced politics to him and he eventually ran for a parliamentary seat in the Eldoret North constituency. Which he then won and has been part of politics since then. As he also became the deputy president in 2013.
William Ruto
Image Courtesy of @WilliamsRuto via Twitter

His presidential bid 

It wasn’t an easy journey for Ruto to finally be a presidential candidate in this year’s elections. In 2006, he lost the party’s nomination to run for president. He also showed interest in 2013 but did not go through.

In this 2022 election, he came through with an upset win against the former Prime Mister Raila Odinga. The odds weren’t all his while running for president since the outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta endorsed Odinga instead. But the entire nation answered which led Ruto to victory.

The majority of Kenya believed in the man who is known to be a “hustler” who worked hard to get out of poverty. After many hurdles along the way, he was meant to be a president in the end. Ruto is now set to be an inspiration to many people of Kenya.

Some of his visions for Kenya
  • He wants to stop the political dynasties. As it is prevalent in the country.
  • Since he has an educational background in botany, he shows a passion for agriculture and aims to enhance it.
  • According to BBC News, he stated “We are not enemies, we are Kenyans. Let us unite to make Kenya a nation of which everyone shall be proud to call home.”

The people of Kenya are yet to see how the administration of Ruto unfolds in the coming years. It looks like they have a promising future with him once he is officially inaugurated as the fifth president of Kenya. We wish them good luck!

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