Who makes Poppy Playtime Plush + How to order?

If you’re a fan of the eerie Poppy Playtime video game, you must be dying to own their official merchandise like the Huggy Wuggy doll. In fact, what merchandise can be more fitting to a game set inside an old toy factory than actual plush toys straight out of the Playtime Co. factory? Read to find out who makes Poppy Playtime Plush toys and how to order them online.

Who makes Poppy Playtime Plush

As a first-person survival horror video game, Poppy Playtime revolves around an abandoned Playtime Co. toy factory where toys come to life at night and kill the player. The game’s central characters are the dolls like Poppy, Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs and Kissy Missy

  • All of these dolls exist outside the Poppy Playtime video game as actual plush toys for their fans.
  • Poppy Playtime Plush toys are officially licensed by indie developer Mob Entertainment and powered by merchandise creator Warren James.

Interestingly, Warren James has also worked on licensed merchandise for the characters and animatronic toys from Five Nights at Freddy’s. FNAF is also a survival horror video game franchise and is considered Poppy Playtime’s inspiration.

fnaf game
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How to order

Poppy Playtime’s official website sells plush, apparel, accessories, and other merchandise related to the game. The site is an alter ego of the old Playtime Co. factory from the game and brings it to real life. 

  • You can order Poppy Playtime Plush right here. The toys range from $30 to $70. 
  • The site features quirky variations of the dolls from the game like a Grumpy Huggy Wuggy limited edition or even a Huggy Wuggy Plush Backpack.
Huggy Wuggy Poppy Playtime
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  • Popular toy manufacturer PhatMojo sells officially licensed Poppy Playtime Plush toys on Amazon and they are worth checking out too. The toys ship worldwide.

About Poppy Playtime

Despite the inevitable comparisons to FNAF, Poppy Playtime was well-received and appreciated for its story, atmosphere, and design. The game utilizes multiple puzzles to progress forward and VHS tapes lying around in the factory that explain the story of the Playtime Co. factory in bits and pieces.

Poppy Playtime Co.
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  • In 2021, Mob Entertainment was heavily criticized for trying to sell the in-game posters as NFTs. The backlash died down when they announced all profits from the NFT sales would go to the Clean Air Task Force organization. 
  • Poppy Playtime went on to inspire the PC multiplayer horror game spin-off Project: Playtime. The game is available on Steam. 

Both of Poppy Playtime’s chapters A Tight Squeeze and Fly in a Web have made their mark in the gaming community. Fans continue to get involved in this franchise more with Project: Playtime. The Plush collection makes for essential merchandise if you are a Poppy Playtime fan.

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