George Soros is alive, who Tweet the viral death trend
A similing image of George Soros (Image via Twitter)

George Soros, a Hungarian American businessman, became a victim of a death hoax through Twitter. The 92-year-old, investor, chief financier, and philanthropist is well-known for his work in the orange coupe plots of several countries, especially in Western Asia. Due to his credentials and impressive net worth, he remains a topic of interest over the internet.

Recently, a Tweet claiming George Soros has died due to a heart attack went viral. This isn’t the first time George Soros became a victim of a death hoax. In 2013, the reputable news outlet Reuters published a report sharing an obituary. However, the businessman clarified that he is healthy. Reuters also released a correction report and apologized for their previous obituary.

Who started the recent rumor of George Soros’ death?

On May 14, a Twitter user named Cillian (@CilComLFC) tweeted a black and white image of the business tycoon and shared the breaking news stating, “George Soros has died of a violent heart attack.” The user further mentioned Politics For All Ireland as the source of the news.

  • This Tweet quickly went viral on the platform gaining over one million views and retweets. It is believed the death hoax began from user Politics For All Ireland‘s (@PoliticsFAIRL) misreporting.
  • The latter Twitter user also published a now-deleted Tweet featuring a black and white photo of George Soros claiming that his family has confirmed his death at the age of 92 and claimed in a following Tweet that ‘the world can sleep easier tonight’ after Soros’ alleged passing. However, the rumors are completely untrue and George Soros is alive and well.

Netizens debunk George Soros’ death rumors

Following the doubtful reports of George Soros’ death, a Twitter netizen, ThePlotSickens (@NE0Ndemon), tweeted a clarification. The user noted that Politics For All Ireland, who first published the report has 3 followers hinting at the lack of credibility. They further shared that another “doofus” shared the news without confirming the source and it went viral with over 1M views.

  • George Soros also clarified the death rumors through his Twitter handle on May 15. He shared a Tweet stating, “Rumors that I suffered a heart attack are untrue. I am alive and healthy,” thus clarifying the fake news.

Why was George Soros’s victim of the death hoax?

George Soros death hoax Tweet trend
George Soros (Image via Twitter)

There are many speculations about why George Soros became a victim of a death hoax. The Hungarian investor immigrated to England in 1947 to escape the Nazis. He attended the London School of Economics and worked at merchant banks in England and later in the United States.

  • As of 2023, Soros is worth around $7.26 billion after giving 80% of his wealth to charity, as per Economic Times. Due to this, it is believed that some notorious pranksters began the false reports due to his status. While many also believe that he was allegedly being targeted for being Jewish.
  • Celebrities often become victims of death hoaxes from reports with a lack of creditable sources. Many high-profile celebrities have recently fallen prey to such rumors, including Jaden Smith, Tom Hanks, DJ Khaled, and more.

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