Who is Juan Karlos? Singer Breaks Taylor Swift’s Spotify Record

Who's Juan Karlos? singer breaks Taylor Swift Spotify Record

Music is a universal language that connects hearts, and with the availability of global artists at one’s fingertips, the playlists of audiences are ever-growing. This also helps provide an equal stage for artists to showcase their talents and, at times, create history, such as Filipino singer Juan Karlos, who recently broke Taylor Swift’s Spotify record. Let’s find out more about the artist and his record-breaking release.

Who is Juan Karlos?

Juan Karlos is a 22-year-old Filipino singer-songwriter who rose to fame at the age of 13 from the first season of The Voice Kids. He has released four studio albums as a solo artist, along with his band.

  • Karlos has also appeared in various character roles as an actor, including the ABS-CBN television series Hawak-Kamay (2014) and the musical biopic film Ako si Ninoy (2022). Following these steady achievements, he is now receiving global recognition with the release of his track ERE from the album Sad Songs and B*llsh*t Part 1.

  • The relatable album touched the hearts of listeners, garnering Karlos the biggest Spotify opening in the Philippines. His title track, ERE, garnered 1.39 million streams on its release date, creating a new history for the music streaming platform and breaking the long-established record of Taylor Swift.
  • Previously, only seven records have managed to achieve the million stream status, and they all belonged to the superstar as she released her re-recorded tracks, including Mine, Back to December, Anti-Hero, Lavender Haze, Sparks Fly, and Speak Now.
  • Apart from setting a new record for his name, Juan Karlos became the first singer to have an OPM (Original Pinoy Music) song enter the Spotify global charts, ranking at spot #177 before jumping to #87.

  • His song ERE has gone viral on TikTok as the perfect BGM for the rainy season. The straightforward and honest lyrics, including the swear word ‘nakakap*tan**na,’ have become the go-to part for expressing frustration.
  • Meanwhile, the sentimental bridge section of the song “Tatlong bilyon ikaw lang ang aking gusto” [Three billion people and you’re the only one I want] has become a famous line to dedicate to one lover. This juxtaposition is one of the highlights of Juan Karlos’ album.

More about Juan Karlos’ Sad Songs and B*llsh*t Part 1

The album that placed original Pinoy music onto the global charts was formed as a compilation of love songs written for singer Juan Karlos’ romantic interest. However, Cupid’s efforts didn’t turn out as expected, and the songs started to take new meaning.

The unnamed emotions lying somewhere between the highs of a kindling romance and the disappointing frustration of its fading tints touched the hearts of millions of listeners. Making this rendition of romantic emotions and its turmoil a record-breaking album.

Additionally, in light of the many changes in the original album, its release was also altered. Sad Songs and B*llsh*t was initially planned to consist of 18 songs, but the singer decided to divide them into two parts so the audience could immerse themselves in the music.

The album’s second part is slated to be released early next year. Until you wait for it, make sure to check out ERE by Juan Karlos from his latest album, Sad Songs and B*llsh*t Part 1.

Will Juan Karlos break more records?

Following the publication of his entry in Spotify’s global charts, the Filipino singer has climbed 90 spots, reaching #87 with 1.45 million streams. Considering the audience’s interest, Juan Karlos is likely to rise more spots on the charts.

The official music video of his song ERE has also managed to attain over 4 million views in the past two weeks. It is predictable that the global recognition of his music is bound to grow in the upcoming weeks.

Moreover, the album Sad Songs and B*llsh*t Part 1 continues to engage listeners beyond the borders, raising a new wave of curiosity about Karlos’ past releases and anticipation for the album’s second part.

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