K-pop: Why are FIFTY FIFTY Fans urging for Boycott?

FIFTY FIFTY Fans boycott ATTRAKT Entertainment

A war rages between K-pop girl group FIFTY FIFTY’s fans and the managing agency ATTRAKT. On September 23, 2023, HUNNIES initiated an official boycott of the controversial company ATTRAKT, blocking them on all the platforms. Here’s a coverage of what happened.


On Saturday, FIFTY FIFTY fans released an official notice announcing a boycott of the K-pop group’s managing agency, ATTRAKT. In the announcement, they also urged the netizens to join this initiative and detailed the scope of their boycott. Read their complete statement below:

  • “We are announcing a boycott on all paid products from ATTRAKT Entertainment as of September 23rd,” the official statement of FIFTY FIFTY fan union begins. They further stated that the purpose of this boycott is ‘to protest the agency’s continued mistreatment of FIFTY FIFTY and their attempt to show the members in a bad light to the general public and entertainment industry.
  •  The union also listed their demands, including retracting defamatory articles and statements against FIFTY FIFTY and allowing the Cupid singers to terminate their official contract. Additionally, the statement details the scope of the boycott formed with voting among 1800 Korean and International fans of the girl group.
  • This includes boycotting the purchase of albums, tickets, and merch from the agency and ceasing the views and streaming of any content published by ATTRAKT on any platform. Fans also do an unfollowing spree of all the agency’s official accounts, including FIFTY FIFTY’s socials.

Why are fans boycotting ATTRAKT?

The fandom of the quartet managed to decrease the following of the agency-managed socials by 2.4K followers in 24 hours. This boycott came in the light of FIFTY FIFTY losing the preliminary injunction against their managing label and the agency’s alleged continuation of mistreatment against the members.

  • The K-pop quartet previously filed a lawsuit against their label, demanding the termination of their contract. They also submitted another lawsuit against ATTRAKT’s CEO, Jeon Hong Joon, for negligence and embezzlement.
  • However, after the dismissal of their plea, the members announced that they would continue their initiative to protect their music and right the wrongs. Meanwhile, ATTRAKT’s CEO is accused of continuing to mistreat FIFTY FIFTY by releasing defamatory articles and statements throughout this time.

  • The company also recently released a new FIFTY FIFTY compilation album, which disappointed and further enraged the fans for poor quality and lack of effort. The above-mentioned Twitter thread by @TrashB0rb compares the original album and the new release, highlighting the issues.

ATTRAKT hopes to reconcile with FIFTY FIFTY

After winning the preliminary injunction, the company’s CEO, Jeon Hong Joon, shared that he felt vindicated in a previous interview. However, he also expressed his hopes to reconcile with the members and continue to work with them in the future.

  • Meanwhile, in August 2023, ATTRAKT bagged a 10 million won (7.57 million USD) deal from a Singapore-based company, Evergreen Group Holdings. The agency also announced a new audition program to launch a girl group amid the lawsuit.

  • On the other hand, FIFTY FIFTY is determined to continue the legal battle to achieve contract termination, and the group’s fans support them by initiating the boycott. ATTRAKT hasn’t yet addressed the boycott.

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