Why are prosecutors seeking imprisonment for K-pop idol Ravi?

Ravi faces two years imprisonment

According to Korean news outlets, prosecutors have asked a Seoul court to sentence K-pop idol Ravi to two years of imprisonment in light of his evading mandatory military enlistment by pretending to suffer from epilepsy. The rapper has also announced his departure from the boy group VIXX in light of the controversy.

Seoul Southern District Court held a trial of nine people including VIXX’s Ravi for military service evasion. They faced the trial under violation of the Military Service Act. Following the trial, the prosecutors are seeking two years of imprisonment for the K-pop idol Ravi as per the Korean media attending the hearing on April 11, 2023.

Ravi leaves VIXX due to military service epilepsy
Ravi at the first trial (Image via Naver)

K-pop idol Ravi evaded military service by pretending to suffer from epilepsy

Kim Won-shik, popularly known as Ravi attended the trial on April 11, 2023. He faced charges of conspiring with a military service broker. He also faces charges for pretending of being an epileptic patient and receiving a fake medical diagnosis.

Ravi received court orders without detention last month and agreed to cooperate with all the investigations. He faced the charges of attempting to receive an exemption from military service by submitting a false medical diagnosis to the Military Manpower Administration, which supervises military service, a mandatory duty for all men in South Korea.

The What About You singer allegedly pretended to faint and arranged a hospital examination. He also received a fake diagnosis of epilepsy and submitted it to the Military Manpower Administration. This fake epilepsy diagnosis was organized so he could receive an exemption from serving as an active-duty soldier.

Although the singer did enlist as a social worker last year, as per the Korean media outlet Star News, Ravi received a congratulatory message from the broker after evading serving which the prosecutor presented as evidence.


Ravi admits all charges and apologizes to epilepsy patients for lying about suffering from the disease

During the trial at Seoul Southern District court held on April 11, 2023, the K-pop rapper admitted to all the prosecution’s changes. He also admitted to making a ‘foolish choice’ and shared his regret by stating that he believes he shouldn’t have faked the aliment.

Furthermore, Ravi explained his circumstances in a plea for leniency. He said that at the time, He was the only artist bringing revenue to the company. Additionally, the contracts he had signed before COVID-19 faced delays in light of the pandemic. Due to this, his military enlistment could’ve incurred a large number of fees for his label.


He continued his plea by stating that following the incident he applied and served as a social worker. Due to a lack of awareness and rationalization of the problem he didn’t admit his guilt earlier. GROOVL1N’s CEO also confessed to realizing his faults and how many people his decision had hurt. He admitted his fault and apologized for his crime.

Furthermore, He apologized to the patients suffering from epilepsy and their families who were hurt and may face prejudice due to his fake diagnosis. He also promised to reflect on his crime and to atone for the rest of his life.


GROOVL1N CEO Ravi faces charges of conspiring with a broker to evade his military service

During the same trial, the prosecution revealed that when Ravi was in a situation where he had to fulfill his military service, a representative of the agency GROOVL1N discussed and conspired with a military service broker to evade military service.

Ravi also confessed to paying a total of 50 million won to the broker for formatting a plan and fake diagnosis to avoid mandatory military service. The prosecution submitted evidence in this regard which was accepted in the court. The Korean news outlet shared details of the evidence in their article.

The main evidence of prosecution included the contract between the accused and the broker, the messages exchanged with the broker, and the account details of the funds transferred to the broker.

Following this trial prosecution seeks two years of imprisonment for the K-pop idol and GROOVL1N’s CEO Ravi. They emphasized that Ravi systematically applied to evade military service and received a fake diagnosis of epilepsy.

Although the accused regretted and reflected on his crime Ravi consistently provided excuses for his crime during the initial investigation due to this they sought two years of imprisonment. The final court sentence will be revealed at a later date.

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